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Local residents share 9/11 memories

September 10, 2006
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"I love you, you love me," that was the song my nearly 2-year-old son and Barney the purple dinosaur were singing. Then the phone rang.

It was my husband calling from work to ask if I had the TV on and did I see what had just happened? Immediately I changed the channel and together we watched the second plane hit the Twin Towers.

"No!" I thought. "What's happening?"

The news reporters said it was acts of terrorism, that terrorists were attacking. "This is America, things like this don't happen here," I thought.

In disbelief I left the room for another TV and my son was able to return to watching Barney - "I love you, you love me." In the next room I flipped from channel to channel trying to process what I was seeing - the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and a crash near Somerset.


It's getting too close to home. We live in America. things like this don't happen here.

Americans help other countries fight this kind of stuff but today our peace, freedom and security have changed, probably forever.

Yet Barney and my son still sing in the background. I pray, "Lord may this never affect our son," but today I know we all will be changed persons from this day forward.

- Ruth Martin

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