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Local residents share 9/11 memories

September 10, 2006
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Later, my mate came busting through the bedroom door again to tell me about the second tower. I was still slightly incoherent at the time, so I said I'd watch the news when I got up. I rolled over to go back to sleep. I had just closed my eyes when I sat straight up as if I had been hit by a shock of electricity. Not one, but two, both Twin Towers hit by an airplane. I must not have heard right, that can't be. That couldn't happen twice in one day to buildings that were that significant in this country.

I was now wide awake and bolting down the stairs two at a time to watch the news reports. I was still in shock and disbelief as I watched the films looping on TV.

I watched in horror as the first plane crashed into the first building. I was even in more disbelief as I watched it happen a second time to the second tower. I remember thinking that I must not really be awake yet, I was just still dreaming. I tried to stop looking at the images of the explosions and flames. My heart sank as I saw images of the destruction and people jumping out of windows to get out of the buildings.


Then came the news about the plane crashing into the Pentagon. I remember telling my significant other, "Terrorists! We are being attacked by terrorists."

remember telling my partner that we need to get prepared for anything now. We aren't safe anymore, we will be at war soon. I just knew this was going to be the start of WWIII, I was sure.

No matter what channel I tried to look at there were film loops everywhere of the crashes into both towers and the plane hitting the Pentagon. I remember that I asked "God, why is this happening to us?" Then came the reports about the plane crash in Pennsylvania. My heart sank to the pit of my stomach.

I wanted to call someone, anyone. I wanted to hear the voices of my family and friends for what I was sure was about to be the last chance in my lifetime.

This was my frame of mine and where all my thoughts were concentrated for the remainder of the day. I even had to return to work that night. No sleep, and full of worries. Over half of the businesses and other companies that we dealt with on a daily basis had closed for the day and sent everyone home. That's where I wanted to be, home. If this was going to be the end of the world then I wanted to be there with the people I loved until the very end. Was this the beginning of the end?

- Christopher Larkin

On Sept. 11, my wife and I were travelling to Ocean City, Md., for our first vacation since were were married. We never had a honeymoon. We got married at the courthouse and went to work that afternoon. Therefore, this trip was special to us to begin with.

We left early in the morning and were listening to our CD collection on the way. We never turned on the radio.

We crossed over the Bay Bridge and stopped at a restaurant on the other side to eat breakfast. As we went to pay for our meal, a woman's cell phone rang. She was standing behind us and I overheard her say "The Bay Bridge is closed?" However, I never heard why. I assumed it was due to an accident of some sort. I told my wife and we were both so glad it didn't close before we made it over.

We listened to more CDs during our entire trip. We made it to our motel about 1 p.m. and went to check in. The motel clerk asked if we had heard the news. "What news?" I said. She said the capital and the Pentagon had been attacked. At first, I did not believe her. She said she had heard it on the news.

My wife and I took our luggage to our room and turned on the TV. Of course, all the stations were tuned into the attacks. It was then that we learned the sad and horrible truth. We could not believe it. We watched in horror as we unpacked. I could not take my eyes off the TV for fear of missing something. Of course, by the time we were watching, it was all over and we were watching recordings of all the events up to that point.

Since we were there for our vacation, we had to turn off the TV and try to have fun despite the terrible events that were unfolding. We did have fun but a dark cloud followed as I am sure it did for most Americans.

To this day, we often talk about what we were doing on 9/11 when the attacks were taking place. We were crossing the Bay Bridge. Our first vacation was scarred with national tragedy and my wife and I will never forget it.

- Bill and Marion Taylor

Traveling along the Long Island Expressway on the morning of 9/11 will be with me for as long as I live. I was on Long Island assisting with opening a new retail location for the company I worked for.

I remember listening to a New York radio station as the news came across, starting with confusion, moving to uncertainty into fear and then into a resolute state of mind. I remember hearing the news, and the talk jocks were suddenly serious - unsure of what was happening.

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