'Community policing' is more than political jargon

September 09, 2006|by Dan Seiler/Hagerstown

I am a Republican candidate for the office of Washington County Sheriff. I am confident that I have the ability, experience, the leadership and administrative skills essential to manage the sheriff's office at a lower cost to the taxpayer.

I believe its almost-$18 million budget could be more efficiently managed.

My experience has taught me many important lessons on how to provide police services in this rapidly growing county.

As sheriff, I will review all current programs and policies. There has been no effective change in leadership at the sheriff's office in 20 years.

I will make real changes to keep pace with homeland security and public safety needs. I will meet the added demands on our patrol, investigatory and detention forces brought on by our growing population. I will listen!

All of us want to be safe in our homes and places of business. Achieving this will take a cooperative effort between law enforcement and the community.


Community policing is not just a catchy political phrase. It is a proven law-enforcement concept we should be pursuing in an intelligent, consistent way. For example, there are many nonprofit and faith-based organizations willing to help with the underlying causes of crime. I will partner with these agencies. I promise to provide services in the most cost- effective manner without sacrificing the quality of law enforcement. I ask for your vote in the primary and general elections.

For more information, please go to my Web site,

Dan Seiler

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