Chambersburg fans enjoy their new stadium

September 09, 2006|by KATE S. ALEXANDER/Staff Correspondent

CHAMBERSBURG, PA. - Sweet. Cool. Awesome. Impressive. Gorgeous. When it comes to the new Trojan Stadium at Edwin Sponseller Track and Field Complex, only positive adjectives apply.

"This is the best stadium in PA," Shawn Moore of Chambersburg said.

Fans agree, Chambersburg's new digs are worlds better than the old stadium.

"You can't compare them," Jeff Diller of Chambersburg said. "Its like apples and oranges."

For students, being able to jump on the bleachers to hype up for the kickoff is a case in point of how great the new stadium is.

"If we did this at the old seats we'd fall through," Erik Rodenheaver, a junior at Chambersburg Area Senior High School (CASHS) said.


Friday's fans characterized the old stadium as broken, splintered, and dangerous. The new stadium, they say, is more sturdy.

Franklin County Commissioner Bob Thomas commented on the accommodations for handicapped fans.

"Before, someone in a wheel chair could hardly see the game, let alone get in the gate," he explained. "Now they can have one of the best seats in the house."

Don Folmar, athletic director for CASHS, said that everything in the stadium is new, from the scoreboard to the concession stands, the field to the grandstands.

Chambersburg's new facility even impressed supporters of the away team, State College Area High School.

"The seats are great," Jeff Sharp of State College, Pa., said. "The grandstand gives you a great view."

Overall, fans had few complaints about the new stadium. "Its only defect is that you can't walk to the other side," Corey Grove, a Chambersburg student remarked.

Spectators gave mixed reviews over the layout of the stadium which completely separated the home and away bleachers. While students dislike the separation, most fans and staff prefer the new layout.

"Before, fans would go the other side and yell at the other team," Joe McKenzie of Chambersburg recalled. "This layout is more secure."

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