Full agenda awaits the next sheriff of Washington County

September 09, 2006|by Jon Galley/Hagerstown

Washington County is experiencing growth as never before. All the road signs point to sustained growth over the coming years.

This presents both opportunities and challenges for our community and one of them will be in the area of public safety and law enforcement.

As sheriff, I will position Washington County's public safety and law enforcement to meet these challenges as the county prospers, while maintaining the trust and respect of Washington County residents. I bring 40 years of public safety experience with more than 28 years of that as an agency leader.

My agenda is simple - position the sheriff's office to secure the safety of Washington County residents. The sheriff's office is the primary law-enforcement agency in the county outside the City of Hagerstown.


Under my leadership, the protection of our community starts with the establishment of a central booking unit and finalization of a communications upgrade that ensures streamlined coordination of public safety agencies to work together efficiently.

A new central booking unit ensures the faster return of police to their patrols, which increases coverage and enables instantaneous identification of potential criminal suspects.

With these two elements in place, our neighborhoods and businesses will be better and more effectively protected and the likelihood of crime will be reduced.

On a recent radio show, Sheriff Charles Mades indicated that the next sheriff, whoever he might be, will inherent a full agenda. He is absolutely correct!

That is why you want a leader with proven experience, one who has held the responsibility for the management of agencies with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars and staff ranging from hundreds to thousands.

I have worked with all branches of government, the community, educational systems and professional associations for the collective good of the community we serve. I have demonstrated that I can operate a complex agency tasked with public safety.

You have a great opportunity to play a significant role in the public safety of Washington County by electing me as your sheriff. With your vote and support, we can position Washington County to meet the challenges that the coming years will bring.

Jon Galley

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