Memories loom about Sept. 11 five years after attack

September 09, 2006

On Sept. 11 I was on my way to work at Citicorp and I heard on the radio at 8:48 that a plane had hit the World Trade Center.

I really didn't think much of it until they started talking about terrorism. Right after I heard this on the radio I happened to be at the stop sign right across from the Hagerstown (Regional) Airport and while I was sitting at the stop sign a plane flew right over my head. It was crazy. After that I went to work as usual in customer service at Citicorp.

On an average day I took 120 calls and on that day I took four. It was amazing the rumors that were going around. I think the worst (rumor) is that a plane had hit Camp David.

I still can't believe it happened and it has been five years. For months after, that is the only thing I watched on TV. It was like nothing else was important.


- Jolie Delosier,Waynesboro Pa.

I was working for Bechtel in Frederick and just came back from getting a cup of coffee at the cafeteria, when I overheard a friend of mine saying something about "a plane had just hit one of the twin towers in New York." He was looking at it on Yahoo so I went to his office to see what it was all about. When I first saw the picture and the news report, I was thinking it was similar to what happened in the 40's when a military plane hit the Empire State Building. I really wasn't too alarmed.

But it wasn't long, when another plane hit the other tower. It became very clear that this was no coincidence. We found a friend who had a radio in his office and tuned it into the first news station we could pick up and we continued to watch the internet for updated news. Then a friend in the next cubicle received a phone call from his buddy in Washington, D.C., who told him a plane just hit the Pentagon and most of Washington was going home early. It really seemed like a bad dream.

- Kerry Henson,

I was getting ready to go to the D.C. area to open some new furniture accounts. As I was watching the news, a plane flew in to the tower. My reaction was 'what a horrible accident.' Then, the second plane flew into the second tower. I knew without a doubt this was terrorism. I said to my wife: 'Life has just changed as we know it.' And, it has, and it continues. Life will never be the same.

- Ed Henderson, Hagerstown

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