Man in custody after high-speed chase

September 08, 2006|by KAREN HANNA

HAGERSTOWN - A man was in the custody of the Hagerstown Police Department after the vehicle he was in crashed on Virginia Avenue during a chase that began in Noland Village Thursday night.

One man was arrested after being tackled to the ground, and police were unable to confirm if another person got away, Sgt. Jim Robinson said after the chase, which ended about 9 p.m. on Virginia Avenue near Linwood Road.

"One guy was arrested. We're not sure if one guy got away, we're unable to confirm that," he said.

Residents huddled at a distance on corners near the crippled Dodge Magnum involved in the chase, as police scanned nearby yards with their flashlights. Police cruisers and unmarked police cars with lights flashing filled the street.

Robinson said late Thursday police still had not identified the man involved in the chase.

"We're not able to fingerprint him, and that will be done later, because he's uncooperative right now," Robinson said.


After crashing the car, the suspect ran around a house and north through a back yard, Washington County Sheriff's Department Deputy Joshua McCauley said.

"He flipped over a fence and landed on the bottom of the fence, and we got on top of him at the bottom of the fence - myself and (a police department officer)," McCauley said.

McCauley said the suspect offered no resistance.

"We kind of went down together and got his arms," McCauley said.

A search of the vehicle yielded no weapons, Robinson said.

The chase wound from Noland Drive to Sherman Avenue to Burhans Boulevard to Virginia Avenue, Robinson said.

Rubber from the front tires of the newer black Dodge Magnum hatchback was sheared beneath the car's wheels, and a wheel cover was crumpled. The smell of burning rubber still was in the air.

The car's headlights and bumper were badly damaged, and liquid appeared to have run from underneath the hood onto the street.

As police cleaned up the scene, officers emptied items including clothing, a green duffel bag and a box of shoes from the car's trunk. A CD and papers covered the front passenger seat, and the glove box was open.

Robinson said officers found what they believed to be drugs in the car.

Howard Souders, who stood holding hands with a woman in a cluster of people across the street from the scene, said he was stopped in a vehicle at a red light at the intersection of Burhans Boulevard and Virginia Avenue when he saw the Dodge Magnum.

"It's a yield place there, and he come a-flying out, and he hit the curb," said Souders, of Halfway. Souders said he could tell the driver had blown his tires, and he predicted he would not go much further.

According to Robinson, two people suffered what he believed were minor injuries in crashes involving the suspect vehicle. They were treated at Washington County Hospital, he said.

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