Reports: Candidates spending more as Election Day nears

September 07, 2006|by TAMELA BAKER

WASHINGTON COUNTY - The final campaign finance reports before next week's primary election show little change in contributions for the many candidates for Washington County Commissioner, but the campaign expenditures show most have shifted into high gear as Election Day draws closer.

Among the primary races to be decided Tuesday, Washington County voters will vote for five Democratic and five Republican nominees for county commissioner.

According to the combined reports of Aug. 15 and Sept. 1, Republican John Barr remains the leading fundraiser, adding $700 to the $27,225 he had reported Aug. 15. He had spent a total of $15,635.

As for the rest of the Republicans, Terry Baker has raised a total of $6,561 and spent $3,262; W. Edward Forrest has raised $1,850 and spent $1,530; and Jeff Hewett has raised $2,900 and spent $2,544.


James F. Kercheval has deposited $50 and spent nothing; J. Wallace McClure has deposited $1,400 and spent $975 and John Munson has deposited $5,600 and spent $5,096.

Doris J. Nipps has deposited $1,000 and spent $861. William J. Wivell has a previous account balance of $1,479, but has raised no more and spent nothing.

Among the Democrats, Donna L. Brightman has raised $9,873 and spent $8,201; J. Herbert Hardin has raised $4,000 and spent $2,629; and N. Linn Hendershot has raised $2,300 and spent $1,084.

Paul L. Swartz has raised $1,350 and spent $1,068; Lloyd "Pete" Waters has raised $6,310 and spent $5,681; Hampton W. Wedlock Jr. has raised $1,755 and spent $1,728; and John E. Weller has raised $3,610 and spent $3,586.

Republican candidates Carrie Gouff, Nathan Alan Green and Edward L. Knepper signed affidavits declaring their intention to spend less than $1,000. Democrats Kristin B. Aleshire, Frank Kretzer and Daniel Moeller did the same.

Democrat Mike Spinnler reported raising no money and spending none.

Democrat Martin Brubaker dropped out of the race earlier this summer, but reported raising $450 and spending $30.

Figures in these reports were rounded to the nearest dollar.

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