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September 07, 2006|by BIG SYDNEY

I got out of the football prognostication compound the other day and just realized how much the home base of Dargan has progressed.

I felt like an ostrich with my head in the sandwich I mean, sand. I don't remember this place being so modern.

I mean, I just noticed in the paper that Philadelphia is putting up that Rocky statue again after all these years.

They've got nothing over Dargan. It erected a monument in my honor in front of the library. Check it out sometime. It's a bronze bust of me, reclined in my dual-re-enforced Barkolounger, with my hand placed strategically in the front waistband of my coaching shorts.


It brings a tear to my eye every time I see it.

A little known fact is that Dargan's library is unique and quite a tourist attraction. It is the only library in the world where patrons don't need a library card to withdraw books.

All they need is a crayon.

So, on my journey, I passed one of the new businesses in town. It is a combination of a cyber address store, local baseball souvenir shop and pizza parlor.

It's known as Domain-Os. The store puts Dargan on the cutting edge of technology. It was voted the most advanced small town in Maryland located along the Potomac River.

I got curious to see how many of our local football coaches have gone high-tech with the new-fangled, vanity e-mail addresses.

It was interesting.

Williamsport coach Adrian Custer goes by

Over at St. James, the football coach has his address to tell everyone where his office is located. You can write to him at

The University of Maryland coach has a site in the area to draw fans. It seems a little intimidating, though. It's It stuck me as a little cold, but it made me want to go to the ice box for a snack.

Then there was a water theme going with the two city schools. On the south side of town, it's and

That coach as Smithsburg is a crazy guy. His was Every e-mail gets a free chocolate ice cream cone.

Over in Waynesboro, it's It's hard to tell if that is a release of frustration or a description of the Indians offense.

So, in all this I decided to join the big time and get my own Internet domain. I plunked down the cash and got myself three.

You can reach me at or or

On with the predictions. Last week 9-3 (.750), season 9-3 (.750).


Boonsboro 37, Moorefield 14: The Warriors' stats will be inflated because they can cover more field than anyone else.

Northern Garrett 44, Clear Spring 22: Buck up, Blazers. With this score, it means you are halfway there.

North Hagerstown 27, Liberty 23: That's life, but Liberty falls before it can start any pursuit of happiness.

Smithsburg 28, Westmar 12: Westmar can't find any spot remover to stop the Leopards' offense.

Walkersville 30, South Hagerstown 17: Buck up, Rebelsl. Think what the score might be if you were playing Runnersville or Sprintersville.

Williamsport 35, Hancock 13: The Wildcats are efficient and in the pink against the Panthers.

Berkeley Springs 31, Grafton 23: It's weird; I hear Grafton uses pie charts on their scoreboard.

Sherando 27, Musselman 16: In the end the Applemen say, "Sherando sure ran though."

State College 43, Chambersburg 14: Trojans won't earn many scholarships to State College.

Shenandoah Valley 41, James Buchanan 13: Against this Valley, the Rockets fail to be green giants.

Jefferson 13, Park View 7: Even Seinfeld fans know that when the Cougars yell "Newman," it's a good thing.

Palmyra 20, Greencastle 13: Palmyra is not only a good football team, but it cuts grease and makes your dishes shine.

West Perry 36, Waynesboro 14: It's against the law to call bricklayers near Harrisburg "Perry Masons."


Mercersburg Academy 28, Wyoming Seminary 26: I hear the Blue Storm's opponents have uniforms with little white tabs on the front collar and a raccoon tail hanging from the back of the helmet.

St. James 33, St. John's Catholic Prep 23: Sutch is the case for the Saints.

Hedgesville 19, Potomac Falls 14: The assistant coaches who make Hedgesville's game plan are known as Eagle scouts.


Maryland 44, Middle Tennessee 16: For this one, the Terps won't have to go to Hollenbach.

Notre Dame 23, Penn State 20: Luck of the Irish leaves Paterno stewing.

West Virginia 49, Eastern Washington 10: No, Eastern Washington is actually a college team, not a pickup team from a street in Morgantown.


Dolphins 16, Steelers 13: Miami plays with more porpoise than the Steelers.

Buccaneers 21, Ravens 10: Baltimore also finds that is the price of corn in Tampa Bay.

Redskins 20, Vikings 14: Place your Betts on this one.

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