No takers on mayor's job in Hedgesville

September 07, 2006|by MATTHEW UMSTEAD

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. - Hedgesville Councilwoman Cheryl Young said she was told by her husband not to arrive home from her regular meeting Wednesday evening as the municipality's new mayor.

She didn't, but no one else did, either.

The town council did not receive any nominations to consider for the post that was vacated by Charles E. Mason last month. And none of the elected or appointed officials present at Naylor Hall Memorial Library expressed an interest, either.

"Who knows? I really haven't given it much thought," said Young, who was elected to council in the 2005 municipal election with Mason. The town's first black mayor stepped down to accept a professional opportunity with JP Morgan Chase & Co.

Interim Mayor Terri Miskovsky reiterated her interest in remaining Town Recorder, a post she also was elected to last year.

Councilwoman Mary Sue Catlett said she might consider expressing interest, which leaders decided Wednesday should be put in writing by the regular September council meeting. Councilman Nicholas Hengemihle said he would consider the position, if no one else did.


The council also decided to distribute fliers around the community of 240 residents.

Mason suggested that town leaders approach Dennis Donaldson - who lost to Mason by two votes in the June 2005 election - about assuming the mayoral post, which Miskovsky said Wednesday seemed "logical."

"I was relying on the articles that had already been written" in the newspapers, Miskovsky told council members, apologizing for an apparent lack of awareness about the situation.

According to the town's charter, a vacancy must be filled by appointment of council and the individual must be a resident for at least 60 days and eligible to vote. Hedgesville's new mayor would be expected to serve until July 1, 2009.

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