Blast from the past

September 06, 2006

Week of Sept. 3, 1956

Radar arrests for speeding in Washington County are netting tidy sums in fines without State Police having to testify in court.

Magistrate William Kreykenbohm called 60 cases in city court one day this week and collected a total of $518 in collateral and costs.

Most of the cases involved speeding charges resulting from apprehensions by radar.

Frederick County is way ahead of Washington County as far as zoning and planning for the entire county is concerned and State Senator Charles L. Downey is of the opinion that both the County Commissioners and the Legislative body should lose no time in taking steps to establish zoning in Washington County.


More than 3,000 persons have accepted the opportunity to get free X-rays since the mobile unit arrived in this county last week.

The Washington County Tuberculosis Association office reported the total at the close of yesterday's X-raying was 3,015. This was the result of six and one-half days of X-ray activities since Aug. 23.

Week of Sept. 3, 1981

Robin Harmon, Hagerstown's contribution to the "Miss America Pageant" has many friends and well wishers who hope she'll capture the ultimate crown in the sphere of beauty queens.

She has been backed by many persons; coached and groomed, and given all the spit and polish to get her on her way.

Gowns Robin will wear in Atlantic City were selected with her and supplemented for her by Lena Darner, of the Lena Darner Boutique, who personally took her to the design houses in New York City. Everyone hopes they mean Good Luck.

Lack of donations, an increasing number of thefts, and a growth in the number of area yard sales have combined to make this summer a rough one for Hagerstown Goodwill Industries.

In fact, officials say that if contributions don't pick up, the non-profit organization may have to lay off some of its handicapped workers this fall.

There may not be a coin slot on your neighborhood fire hydrant, but that doesn't mean the water inside is free, says Bill Breichner, superintendent of the Hagerstown Water Department.

Breichner said recently the department has had a lot of reports about some fire companies and water haulers filling their tankers from hydrants and then filling cisterns and swimming pools.

School bells rang today, Sept. 4, for two groups of students in this area.

St. Mary's parochial school in Hagerstown and public schools of Greencastle-Antrim began classes today. Washington County Public Schools will not open until Sept. 10.

- Compiled by Jean Baraclough

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