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September 05, 2006

This week's question

Have you watched any of the Washington County candidate forums broadcast on Antietam Cable TV? If so, which candidates have impressed you and why?

Being a registered Democrat, I see promise in the following choices: Martin Brubaker, Donna Brightman and Hampton Wedlock. Since I get to vote for five altogether, the remaining two slots are undetermined at this time. Good luck to all.

I watched all the candidate forums which were very informative. Several candidates stood out and seem to be very qualified for the positions they seek.


As a Republican, I was impressed by Greg Bannon for state's attorney, Dan Seiler for sheriff and Ruth Callahan for school board. I feel the state's attorney's office needs a change as well as the sheriff's department.

Dan Seiler has both law enforcement background and has had a business outside of law enforcement. As a business owner myself, I see a great advantage to Mr. Seiler's business experience.

Yes, I attended the Candidates' Forum Aug. 17, which included the candidates for board of education and sheriff. I was impressed with Ruth Anne Callaham for the board of education because she was very enthusiastic and informative with realistic and achievable goals.

It was obvious that education for EVERY child was her goal. For Sheriff, I was most impressed with Dan Seiler because in addition to lengthy experience and training in various aspects of law enforcement, he has a degree in law enforcement. His aggressive agenda, which includes community involvement, appealed to me.

I hope the voters will watch the forum and listen to the candidates to determine who has the best qualifications for the position and answer the questions about the role of the sheriff. We need a sheriff who will be responsible to the people of Washington County, one who will listen and respond to community concerns. The old way of policing is gone. The citizens need to be part of the solution to problems and to do this, the police need to listen. Look at the results Chief Arthur Smith has had in Hagerstown. Community Policing is more than a buzz word.

I was particularly impressed with Greg Bannon for State's Attorney. His concerns, values and straight talking are the "breath of fresh air" this office sorely needs. Right up there with him is Dan Seiler for sheriff! Besides coming across as a real "up front" kind of person, his education, training, extensive "hands-on" experience and insight concerning what is needed for this office has got my vote. I'm still researching the other candidates for other offices.

I attended the forum at the community college on Aug. 17. Thank you to the League of Women Voters for helping to sponsor the evening.

Up until now, articles appearing in the local paper have indicated all the candidates are on an equal footing. I encourage everyone to watch the repeats of the forums (especially the sheriff forum) to see that the candidates are not equal in experience, education or enthusiasm.

My votes are for Greg Bannon for state's attorney, Dan Seiler for Sheriff and Ruth Callaham and Jackie Fischer for the BOE. Washington County is growing by leaps and bounds and we need people in office with the experience to handle the changes coming our way.

Greg Bannon for State's Attorney!

I watched the second night forum with the candidates for sheriff. I was impressed with Dan Seiler's answers, background, education and work history. I believe change would be good and he is the candidate I think could make some good changes in Law Enforcement in Washington County.

I attended the forum for the state's attorney and was impressed with the answers and his background and will vote for Bannon. I did not believe it was very professional that other candidates were talking and laughing while Mr. Bannon had the floor. Many of my friends in attendance at the forum observed this also. The moderator in charge should not have allowed this to take place.

I attended both forums.Great job! I was impressed with Wallace McClure, Forrest and Donna Brightman for County Commissioner, Jackie Fischer and Gary Nally for School Board. All of the above recognized the impact of overgrowth on schools and infrastructure. Dan Seiler for sheriff offered the most progressive ideas. No-nonsense Bannon for state's attorney since he would cut the fat from that office.

It's my intention to vote for Dan Seiler. His background is unmatched. I may not vote for many of the Republican candidates but he will be one of them.

"Home Rule" will only serve to make the power-drunk county commisioners even more powerful. As it is now they have no oversight. With a home-rule situation it will only get worse.

Ed Forrest was the only candidate to hit the nail on the head!. Growth has been allowed without foresight and planning for improving existing infrastructure schools, roads, public safety etc... Urban Growth Areas must be rezoned now. Read the sewer and water report, folks! My vote is with Forrest.

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