29 candidates running for Maryland U.S. Senate seat

September 03, 2006

The following Republican and Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate in Maryland will compete in primaries on Sept. 12. The Green Party candidate will be on the ballot only in the Nov. 7 general election.


· Ray Bly, Howard County

· Earl S. Gordon, Montgomery County

· Thomas J. Hampton, Anne Arundel County

· John Kimble, Prince George's County

· Edward Raymond Madej, Anne Arundel County

· Daniel Muffoletto, Howard County

· Richard Shawver, Carroll County

· Michael S. Steele, Prince George's County


· Corrogan R. Vaughn, Baltimore County

· Daniel "Wig Man" Vovak, Montgomery County


· Benjamin L. Cardin, Baltimore County

· David Dickerson, Baltimore County

· George T. English, Montgomery County

· James H. Hutchinson, Montgomery County

· Anthony Jaworski, Montgomery County

· A. Robert Kaufman, Baltimore city

· Allan Lichtman, Montgomery County

· Thomas McCaskill, Prince George's County

· Kweisi Mfume, Baltimore City

· Josh Rales, Montgomery County

· Dennis F. Rasmussen, Baltimore County

· Bob Robinson, Harford County

· Theresa C. Scaldaferri, Prince George's County

· Mike Schaefer, Baltimore city

· Charles Ulysses Smith, Baltimore city

· Blaine Taylor, Baltimore County

· Joseph Werner, Harford County

· Lih Young, Montgomery County


· Kevin Zeese, Montgomery County (general election only)

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