The family that cooks together

Three sisters collaborate on meals at least once a month

Three sisters collaborate on meals at least once a month

September 03, 2006|by TIFFANY ARNOLD

As usual, the three sisters met in the kitchen.

Linda Field, 55, Liz Beachley, 48, and Pat Weneck, 54 - all of Hagerstown - prepare family meals in tandem at least once a month.

The sisters said the hardest part about cooking wasn't the cooking itself, but it was having to etch out enough time from their often conflicting schedules for family meals.

Weneck has two college-age children and works for an accounting firm. Field is a retired secretary and mother of a grown daughter. She said volunteer work eats up most of her time. Beachley is a stay-at-home mother with four teenagers - the root cause for her "wacko" schedule, she said.


The sisters wasted little time getting to task after they arrived in the kitchen, this time at Field's house, where the Lazy Susan has no room for another spice (which are in strict alphabetical order). Beachley prepared the flank steak, Weneck was preparing to bake her signature seafood casserole and Field was chopping vegetables for the veggie saut.

Q: So as young girls, did you all cook together with mom?

Field: (laughing) Mom was always taking care of the next baby, so we kind of started to cook on our own. I've been cooking since I was 4 years old. I remember making scrambled eggs for the others.

Q: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Weneck: Seven. There's five girls and two boys.

Q: Did you all ever collaborate on meals when you were young?

Weneck: We made Christmas cookies together. Dozens and dozens, and we decorated them together.

Q: So what are some of your individual specialties?

Field: For me, it's the hot crossed buns for Easter.

Weneck: For me it's the seafood casserole and the flank steak.

Beachley: And I'm pretty much a cookie fanatic. I love cookies. I love baking.

Weneck: What about your salmon?

Field: Oh yes, your salmon.

Beachley: I do make all kinds of seafood dishes because my husband is a seafood lover. But my traditional thing I try to do every year, but it just gets harder, is a gingerbread house.

Weneck: Remember that time when you made that paskha (a Russian Easter dessert)?

Field: Never forget it!

Beachley: Oh yeah, the paskha.

Weneck: That's hilarious.

Beachley: Yeah, That was a one-time thing. Too difficult.

Q: They say that cooking brings people together. What is your take on that?

Field: Oh absolutely. I mean, we look for times to cook together, eat together, we also associate it with fun and fellowship, right? A nice long day or evening.

Weneck: Because she's really busy with church work, and with times when we get together then we can catch up on what's going on. And you (Liz) have always been busy, too. Wacko busy.

Beachley: (laughing) Yeah, wacko busy.

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