Spud Fest organizers say, 'Thanks!'

August 29, 2006

As always, the Friends of the Rural Heritage Museum near Sharpsburg have a lot of people to thank for help with Saturday's Spud Fest, a group spokesman said Monday.

Former Washington County Extension Agent Richard Schukraft said the list includes:

· Jamie and Christie Baker, who lent use of their Percheron draft horses to pull the plow to dig up the potatoes, just as they were used to prepare the ground for planting in April;

· Wm. Gower & Son, which supplied the 100 pounds of seed potatoes;

· The Feed Bin, which supplied the fertilizer;

· Dawn Cooper, who painted the faces of children at the festival;

· Velma Poffenberger and Marge Peters, co-chairs of the museum's special events committee; and

· About 20 other museum volunteers who helped with the day's events.

In all, Schukraft said, the festival attracted about 150 people - probably the largest crowd ever since the event began four years ago.


The museum, on the grounds of the Washington County Agricultural Education Center, depicts rural life before 1940.

Exhibits include buggies, sleighs, wagons, and farm tools and other equipment.

There's also a gift shop.

Regular museum hours are 1 to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays from April to October. Times can also be arranged for special group tours.

For more information, call the museum at 240-313-2839.

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