Advice to freshmen. It gets better -- eventually

August 29, 2006|by RYAN WILLARD

This is me being optimistic when I say this: Being a high school freshman is atrocious.

First off, this whole situation must seem very unfair to you. Just after you have a chance to be on top in one school, you go to a new and bigger school, and then all of a sudden become the lower class of living again.

The first time was going into middle school. You were the crme de la crme of elementary school. The king of the playground. Then you go to sixth grade and everything changes. The feeling of being low is not as severe as high school, but it is still there.

Now you are finishing your first week of high school. You might feel small and insignificant. You might have had homework on your first night of school, a thing unheard of in middle school. And I have no doubt that you heard the phrase "Oh god, they (meaning freshmen) are getting smaller and smaller every year."


To all you freshmen out there, holding your breath and thinking that all this is horrible, my advice to you is this: Breathe. Everything will be OK. You just get in the groove and become use to it. This is your life.

It's going to get harder. The trick is stepping up to the challenge. I'm sure that you think the harassment by seniors is unnecessary (trust me, I've been there). But think about it, this year's seniors are going to have the same problem next year in a little place called college. So just give them a little grin when they talk to you.

To all you freshmen loving this first week and not having a clue of what I am talking about, let me just say that I hope nothing gets any worse for you. Oh, and I envy you more then you realize. I was picked on to death my freshman year.

I hope that everything works out for all you little freshmen. Maybe you aren't changing at all. Maybe you are just finding out who you really are. With change, more things that you were once sure about all of a sudden transform, leaving you with insane moments to come.

But let me just say this: High school certainly gets harder before it becomes easier.

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