August 26, 2006

Last week's question

The Washington County public schools opened again on Wednesday, Aug. 23. What will it take to make this a successful school year for your children or grandchildren?

Home school or private school or really good teachers.

A positive attitude, open communication between you and the teacher (thank all things good for e-mail!) and plenty of patience - especially when it comes to trying to help the kids with homework.

Teachers who take time to work individually with each and every child in a positive manner that encourages growth.

First of all, the No. 1 thing is respect - for teachers, parents and students. Parents are the first to run and protest instead of listening to teachers and other parents.

There are too many behavior problems in schools today, too many bullying others and not enough supervision in the school. Parents and students need to be accountable for their actions. Students need to be responsible, not make excuses!


Its time to put in the effort or get out! Let the kids who want to learn thrive and the public schools will shine.

I agree. It's not the job of the Board of Education, the teachers or anyone else to raise your kids for you! If they live with you, they are your responsibility. Instill the right attitudes to begin with and the problems in the schools will dissipate. I can't believe this is the same system I went through and I've only been out 10 years! Cops in the schools, my kid afraid to go on next year to 6th grade because of the violence! What's going on here?

Smaller classrooms.

And parents staying involved with their children's teachers.

Put the kids on the school bus and tell the kids to leave the car home. We are paying the county to run the buses.

Teachers who are supported by the system and not intimidated, students who are allowed to achieve their fullest potential with an environment without shower curtains and a parent support network that seeks to hold the WCBOE elected board AND central administration staff accountable on academic and funding equity opportunities.

Okay! True there needs to be respect on all sides - parents, teachers and students. Especially students! I don't feel that the teacher should allow the students to call them by their first name. That lowers the teacher-student idea. Like a parent, you're not there to be their friend, you're there to teach them.

I have no problem when school starts. I do have a problem when I go into a school and see a class with no teacher and the teacher in the hall, talking about what happened this weekend. It's a business you need to work.

This is school. Make the student accountable as well as the teacher for the teaching and learning issues. It's two-sided. Have a great year, teachers and students. Also parents.

My wish for every child in WCPS: A strong discipline policy that is implemented consistently throughout the county so that every child is safe while in our schools. More teachers/instructional assistants in the classrooms, working with the students individually, if needed, so that every child is challenged to learn to their greatest capacity, even the so-called "independent learners." Modern, safe facilities so that every child is proud of their school. Nurturing each child's talents and creativity rather than teaching to the test!

I believe my child who is now in 4th grade at Smithsburg Elementary should learn more English skills rather than Spanish. I am rather upset that the School Board in Washington County allows such a thing. My child is having enough trouble with learning proper English. And whatever happened to handwriting skills? I guess Spanish speaking in Smithsburg is more important.

Teachers, students, administrators, parents, and all citizens must not tolerate bullying on any level. By ignoring "funny" comments, or allowing misbehavior or making excuses for such behavior, we tacitly condone it. Too many people are traumatized by this, but only a few are willing to stand against it.

This week's question

Have you watched any of the Washington County candidate forums broadcast on Antietam Cable TV? If so, which candidates have impressed you and why? No bashing other candidates, please. Edited responses will be posted on our Web site and in this space on Monday, Sept. 4.

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