August 25, 2006

June 21 to 30:

John Benisek, 116-118 Elm St., Hagerstown, to Troy and Robin S. Brawner for $140,000.

William M. Lasky, 18523 Preston Road, Hagerstown, to Bushey Enterprises LLC for $230,000.

Erica Dawn Negley, 21506 Mount Aetna Road, Hagerstown, to Terry R. and Deborah A. Roane for $135,000.

Gaye Eckenrode, 402 E. Franklin St., Hagerstown, to Russell Wayne Stevens Jr. for $96,508.

Fairmount Real Estate Services LLC, Cobb Street, Hagerstown, to US Home Corp. for $280,000.

Fairmount Real Estate Services LLC, 12431 Fallen Timbers Circle, Hagerstown, to US Home Corp. for $280,000.

Fairmount Real Estate Services LLC, 12423 Fallen Timbers Circle, Hagerstown, to US Home Corp. for $280,000.

US Home Corp., 18331 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Behnoosh Binesh for $257,690.

Judy S. Jull, 1137 Weverton Road, Knoxville, to Andrew J. Keylor for $275,000.


Federal National Mortgage, 210 Alexander St., Hagerstown, to Dwayne and Mary Cramer for $91,000.

Laurie A. Widmer, Hoffmaster Road, to Cheryl J. King for $30,000.

Robert Jr. and Charlene Tritch, 10715 Oak Forest Drive, Hagerstown, to Hungh Khan Cin for $257,000.

Patrick D. and Veronica D. North, 11944 Azalea Drive, Hagerstown, to Jessica Rouse for $269,900.

John W. Moyer Et Al, 630 Knightsbridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Sharee L. and Pedro A. Arias for $196,900.

James C. and Barbara J. Smith, 425 Clarendon Ave., Hagerstown, to Joshua A. and Dayna M. Miles for $139,000.

Charles N. Lewis, 331 N. Cannon Ave., Hagerstown, to Rory P. Payne for $117,000.

US Home Corporation, 18325 Roycroft Drive, Hagerstown, to Michael and Vivan Exline for $236,990.

Lee J. and Deborah I. Wolfe, 106 S. Locust St., Hagerstown, to Altagracia M. Janvier for $109,900.

John S. O'Connell Jr., Lock House Drive, Sharpsburg, to Brad T. and Kara E. Sherman for $130,000.

Julian V. Ayers III, 16809 Broadfording Road, Hagerstown, to Phillip B. Walters for $203,000.

K Hovinanian Homes of MD LLC, 231 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Gbomai L. Johnson for $317,442.

Tyler and Erica Weidman, 13126 Primrose Lane, Hagerstown, to Jonathan D. and Maria Dalida for $347,000.

1310 Salem Ave. Land Trust, 1310 Salem Ave., Hagerstown, to Gordon Glenn Sr. and Rosana Bressett for $185,000.

Christopher A. and Carissa Zanella, 18827 Geeting Road, Keedysville, to Pedro L. Quinones for $695,000.

Robin M. Crawford, 211 Division Ave., Hagerstown, to Arc of Washington County Inc. for $327,500.

P3312 LLC, 14256 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Benjamin David Rider for $40,000.

Allen Lynn and Patricia E. Bucklew, 343 S. Burhans Blvd. East, Hagerstown, to Wayne Jr. and Davina Sutphin for $104, 000.

P3312 LLC, 14258 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Matthew W. and Beth L. Burch for $40,000.

P3312 LLC, 14262 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Cale M. Kastanek for $40,000.

Larry Maynard and Shelvia D. Kling, 103 Tulip Court, Hagerstown, to Marilyn O. and Kenneth I. Womack for $182,900.

City of Hagerstown, 46 N. Charles St., Hagerstown, to Norma J. Pompey for $150,000.

Rhonda K. Metcalf, 730 Morningside Ave., Hagerstown, to Louis F. Sr. and Rosemary F. Hall for $240,000.

Barbara H. Smith, 19809 Jeffery Drive, Hagerstown, to Thomas J. and Debra J. Rice for $325,000.

Jay Byron Wells, 11213 Marbern Road, Hagerstown, to Steven E. Beck for $253,000.

Jessica A. Rouse, 2014 Windsong Drive, to Janet L. Rogers for $189,000.

Damian Lynn Broussard, 851 Guilford Ave., Hagerstown, to Jason S. and Shabnam A. Bolduc for $130,000.

Ronald V. and Peggy R. Klock, 275 Sunbrook Lane, Hagerstown, to Margaret E. Pontzer for $234,700.

Mike K. Ching, 17732 Perlite Way, to Thuy Mia H. Dang for $304,900.

PDR Paradise LLC, Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Dan Ryan Builders for $185,800.

PDR Paradise LLC, Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Dan Ryan Builders for $185,800.

PDR Paradise LLC, Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Dan Ryan Builders for $185,800.

PDR Paradise LLC, Monet Drive, Hagerstown, to Dan Ryan Builders for $185,800.

William E. and Amonica A. Griffith, 1529 Clover Hill Lane, Knoxville, to Matthew C. and Janina A. Rice for $749,900.

Roger L. Cline, 22403 Cave Hill Road, Smithsburg, to Joshua K. and Heather A. Sprecher for $225,000.

Patriot Homes, 12569 Atlanta Court, Hagerstown, to Man A. Vuong Et Al for $198,900.

Primacy Closing Corp., 613 Westwood St., Hagerstown, to Christopher and Michelle D. Ross for $206,500.

Jun H. and Stacey L. Nemitz, 613 Westwood St., Hagerstown, to Primacy Closing Corp. for $202,000.

Jack and Patricia Wolfe, 46 N. Main St., Smithsburg, to Donald R. and April M. Seeders for $333,000.

David A. Miller, 226 Weldon Circle, Boonsboro, to Jeffrey A. and Julie A. Beachley for $267,000.

William Matthew and Kimberly Brant, 84 S. Main St., Keedysville, James T. Geraghty for $390,000.

Scott M. and Stephanie L. Curtin, 10016 Mildred Drive, Hagerstown, to Daniel J. and Angela M. Nallo for $340,000.

Sean and Tracey Carr, 416 Michigan Ave., Hagerstown, to James W. Hoff for $228,000.

Eric Scott Umbel, 1844 Abbey Lane, Hagerstown, to Kathryn E. Code for $205,000.

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