Sample test questions

August 23, 2006

Sample questions similar to ones found on the 2006 High School Assessment:

Algebra/data analysis question

Look at the system of equations below.

y= 3x-2

2y= 6x-4

Which of these describes this system?

A. Two parallel lines

B. Two equations on the same line

C. Two lines that intersect only at (1, 1)

D. Two lines that intersect only at (-1, -1)


Answer: B

Government exam question

Which of these statements about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is true?

A. Members are required to open their borders to immigrants from other nations.

B. Members are prevented from conducting trade with nonmember nations.

C. An armed attack against one member is considered an attack against all members.

D. An executive panel controls legislation passed in member nations.

Answer: C

Biology exam question

A protein called p53 can keep cells from dividing. To prevent cell division, this protein most likely stops

A. osmosis

B. mitosis

C. respiration

D. mutation

Answer: B

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