August 23, 2006

June 1 to 20:

Mary Jayne Guilford, 14134 Mann Lane, Hagerstown, to Joseph Michael Weltz for $277,500.

Julian D. Jr. and Melynda K. Johnson, 1 Hoot Owl Court, Keedysville, to Frederick C. and Kathleen K. Baxter for $407,500.

Samantha A. Bauer, 321 Mitchell Ave., Hagerstown, to Jessica Shabelski for $135,000.

Michael C. Sr. and Judy M. Robinson, 21024 Millers Church Road, Hagerstown, to Douglas A. and Teresa Bachtell for $155,000.

Patriot Homes, 17811 Farragut Way, Hagerstown, to Marlon Emilio Cienfuegos for $184,600.

Patsy L. Stanley, 6524 Washington Monument Road, Boonsboro, to Lyles S. and April J. Firnhaber for $350,000.

Patsy L. Stanley, 6540 Washington Monument Road, Boonsboro, to Lyles S. and April J. Firnhaber for $350,000.

Patsy L. Stanley, 6532 Washington Monument Road, Boonsboro, to Lyles S. and April J. Firnhaber for $350,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 14204 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Leigh Ann Gunther for $234,905.


Paul E. Burns, 12011 Sherwood Drive, Hagerstown, to Richard Lewis Hoffman Jr. for $190,000.

Mary C. Spangler L/E, 15800 Clear Spring Road, Williamsport, to Navienne J. and Tarron D. Smith for $163,000.

K. Hovnanian Homes of MD, LLC, 234 Brynwood St., Hagerstown, to Gaurav Mahijan for $320,740.

Garth W. and Linda S. Coe, 10904 Lincoln Ave., Hagerstown, to Thigpen Abbey and Kenneth D. Roin for $225,000.

J. Carroll and Jean B. Goodnight, 16721 Hampton Road, Williamsport, to Derrick N. McAllister for $235,000.

Herman B. and Brenda A. Mellott, 13307 Club Road, Hagerstown, to James H. and Mary E. McPherson for $362,000.

John G. and Mary L. Johnson, 14413 National Pike, Clear Spring, to Mary Danielle Geisbert for $186,700.

Daniel W. and Beverly Ann Montgomery, 13107 Orchid Drive, Hagerstown, to James J. and Karen L. Salembene for $291,000.

Mary Jo Britner, 913 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, to NZ2Rd Renovations LLC for $45,000.

Irene M. Haupt and Paul I. Marks, 1024 Rose Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Lance Goudzwaard for $205,000.

Jackson M. Jr. and Deborah A. Jenkins, 10929 Roessner Ave., Hagerstown, to Katherine M. Luckenbaugh for $177,500.

Herbert L. Jr. and Angela R. Younker, 15802 Clear Spring Road, Williamsport, to Thomas and Megan Kellick for $164,800.

Ahmad and Sobia R. Humayun, 471 Eagles Lane, Hagerstown, to Joseph and Craribel E. Arias for $300,000.

R. Lee Downey LLC, 18827 Island Drive, Hagerstown, to Scott Rusell Paddack for $118,900.

John E. Jr. and Nancy C. Staley, 17702 Timber Lane, Hagerstown, to Jackie Harris for $262,000.

Robert L. Phillips, 1021 Rose Hill Ave., Hagerstown, to Cathy Jo Mays for $202,000.

Ausherman Home Inc., 307 Tiger Way, Boonsboro, to Poul Erik Jorgensen for $530,650.

Paul Crampton LLC, 1233 Grand Legacy Drive, Hagerstown, to John E. Jr. and Nancy C. Staley for $220,900.

Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13437 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to NVR Inc. for $118,000.

Elmwood Realty LLLP, 13433 John Martin Drive, Williamsport, to NVR Inc. for $118,000.

NVR Inc., 12526 Capstone Drive, Hagerstown, to Shi Hao Huang for $454,100.

NVR Inc., 13814 Emerson Drive, Hagerstown, to Jerzy and Eva M. Cios for $597,011.

NVR Inc., 9403 Morning Drive, Hagerstown, to Gregory L. Milsom for $287,100.

NVR Inc., 13804 Kialani Drive, Hagerstown, to Mark Beasley for $403,200.

June 21 to 30:

Gary L. Jr. and Judith M. Nalley, 20835 Boonsboro Mountain Road, Boonsboro, to Eric L. and Ann M. Norris for $165,000.

Eric R. Rippee, 608 Weverton Road, Knoxville, to Pamela J. Holzman for $290,750.

Helen K. Owens, 12995 Little Hayden Circle, Hagerstown, to Hugh F. and Tracey Sue Middlekauff for $320,000.

Hugh E. Middlekauff Jr., 1036 Woodland Way, Hagerstown, to Carrie and Joseph Brandts for $373,000.

Jeffrey L. Jr. and Denise L. Swain, 10939 Coffman Ave., Hagerstown, to Ignacio and Tina M. Carrazco for $245,000.

Sharon L. and Adam W. Lewis, 8844 Signal Drive, Williamsport, to Roy K. and Michelle L. Turner for $405,000.

Truman L. and Leontine T. Doyle, 200 E. Magnolia Ave., Hagerstown, to Bryan A. Davis for $240,000.

John Richard and Caroline G. Wolfe, 16 S. Locust St., Hagerstown, to Mark S. and Kimberly D. Carr for $85,000.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 14207 Shelby Circle, Hagerstown, to Manuel Viernes Jr. for $323,925.

Yevgeniy Brodov, 13823 Weaver Ave., Maugansville, to Hurbert E. Woodward for $254,900.

Dan Ryan Builders Inc., 17940 Lyles Drive, Hagerstown, to Regina R. Orban for $377,121.

Stephen H. and Florence E. Riedesel, 414 W. St., Hagerstown, to Oliver W. and Lydia A. Hornick for $175,000.

Walnut Point Road Limited Partnership, 11835 White Pine, Hagerstown, to Charles E. and Ruth G. Jacobs for $213,003.

Paul W. Palmer, 346 N. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, to Pedro B. Lopez Gomez for $174,900.

Paul and Wilma Eberly, 18326 Rench Road, Hagerstown, to Earl B. Jr. and Keitha F. Grove for $230,000.

Joshua Abdollahzadeh Et Al, 26 Belview Ave., Hagerstown, to Marybeth Kurth for $185,000.

Mary Ann Adkins, 1260-1262 Pinecrest Ave., Hagerstown, to Randy B. and Kathi L. Stockman for $220,000.

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