Man, mare and mule spread the Word

August 22, 2006|by ERIN JULIUS

WASHINGTON COUNTY - High atop a brown mare, Couy Griffin meandered along Virginia Avenue between Williamsport and Hagerstown. His miniature mule walked nearby, packing along food, camping gear and the Gospel of John printed in small blue books.

Griffin is on a mission from God, spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

"I just hand out the Word," he said Monday.

Griffin, 32, of Reserve, N.M., looks like an unlikely messenger, wearing a white cowboy hat, scuffed boots, dark jeans and chaps. He set out from San Francisco on Easter Sunday and hopes to arrive in New York City on Sept. 11.

Griffin, his mare Molly, and Black Jack, the miniature mule, arrived Saturday evening in Williamsport. On Sunday, Griffin attended a service at Faith Christian Fellowship Church on Lappans Road.

He arrived in Williamsport after following the C&O Canal towpath from Cumberland, Md. Griffin said that starting today, he will ride on the canal into Washington, D.C.


Griffin said the trio covers 20 to 25 miles a day. On the mare, he could ride faster, but Black Jack slows them down, he said.

Griffin did not always believe so fervently in living a Christian life, he said. He grew up around the rodeo.

"I lived the life of a wild, rodeo cowboy," he said.

About three years ago, he said he was working as a performer for Buffalo Bill's Wild West shows in Paris when "the Lord really moved in my life. I really rededicated my life."

Since then, he has visited Israel four times.

"Last summer, I met other believers. We went out and evangelized to Muslims and Jews about faith in Christ."

Griffin said the idea for his horse-and-mule ministry came to him in Israel.

He plans to travel to Ireland after he completes the coast-to-coast ministry in the U.S. From Ireland, Griffin said, he wants to travel east, across Europe and into the Middle East. Griffin said it is important to reach Israel.

"All the Jews and Muslims all speak about wanting peace ... The Prince of Peace is Jesus. Until their eyes are opened to the truth of Christ, there's gonna be unrest," he said.

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