Hancock Middle-Senior High School

August 20, 2006

289 W. Main St.
Hancock. Md.

Principal: Warren Barrett

Phone: 301-766-8186

Fax: 301-678-7218

Web site: None

Starting time: 8:45 a.m.

Dismissal: 3:30 p.m.

Grades: 6-12

Date of construction: 1956

Age of building: 50 years


Latest renovation: 2000

Size of building: 96,809 square feet

State-rated capacity: 594

Projected 2006-07 enrollment: 337

From the principal

Q. What are the biggest challenges this year?

A. We were very successful in 2005-06 completing the Maryland School Assessments. Our middle school scored at or near the top in both math and reading assessments for grades 6, 7 and 8. The challenge will be to continue this growth and continue to move students from proficient to advanced while working with students who are having difficulty. We also continue to focus our interventions on meeting the needs of struggling students. We were pleased with the results of High School Assessments. We saw tremendous growth but must continue to focus attention on students who are struggling. We are encouraged by the increased number of high school students taking the SAT test and we have plans to continue improvement for verbal and math scores. We will focus attention on counseling students about various preps and opportunities to ready them for the SAT test.

Q. What are your goals for the school year?

A. We have several important goals for our school during 2006-07. Middle school teachers have set a goal of having 95 percent of all students pass MSA test next year. Although this appears to be a lofty goal, we believe all students can learn and be successful. A second goal is for 90 percent of all students taking High School Assessments to pass on their first attempt. Our high school has set a goal to be above the local and state average in both verbal and math scores for SAT during 2006-07. We have set our attendance goal to be 96.7 percent or greater this school year. We have set a goal of having a second straight year of zero school dropouts.

Q. What will help ensure a successful school year?

A. Hancock is blessed with a dedicated faculty and staff. We believe all students are important and can learn. We care greatly about our school and community, and we believe education is the key to lifelong success. We have developed resources in the community to assist students both during and after the school day.

Q. What message would you like to send as the school year begins?

A. We look forward to another great year at Hancock Middle/High. Student success has a direct correlation with student attendance. That is why we believe school attendance is extremely important. If parents have any questions, we are here to help you and want to be of assistance. Communication between parents and teachers/administration/staff is the key to having another successful school year.

Q. What special projects will occur during the school year?

A. With the school track completed, we are looking forward to hosting track events again in the spring. We are hopeful schoolwide air conditioning will remain in the proposed 2007-08 maintenance budget. We plan to continue to make reading a schoolwide priority.

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