Winter Street Elementary School

August 20, 2006

59 Winter St.

Principal: Matthew Semler

Phone: 301-766-8439

Fax: 301-745-5449

Web site:

Start time: 8:30 a.m.

Dismissal: 3 p.m.

Grades: PK-4

Date of construction: 1953

Age of building: 53 years


Latest renovations: 1973

Size of building: 32,980 square feet

State-rated capacity: 305

Projected 2006-07 enrollment: 316

From the principal

Q. What are the biggest challenges this year?

A. Winter Street Elementary School is heading into the 2006-07 school year as a restructured school. As a result of the restructuring process, more than 50 percent of the staff is new to the school. One of our biggest challenges will be to create the initial professional relationships that will lead to collaboration, teamwork and overall student achievement. To address this challenge, the new Winter Street staff will meet twice over the summer to participate in various team-building activities, establishing collaboration and teamwork among their colleagues.

The restructuring process also will be a challenge that the students and parents face, as they will see new teachers and staff members. This year, we are planning an open house for students and parents prior to the first day of school. This will give an opportunity for the students to meet their teachers and visit their classrooms. We are also planning a Parent Night, which will provide the opportunity for parents to meet the new teachers and staff members, and to begin establishing the connections between home and school.

Q. What are your goals for the school year?

A. Our goals for the 2006-07 school year are based on student success. Through best practices and clear, focused, effective instruction, we will set goals for all students to reach their fullest potential. The Winter Street staff is developing a School Improvement Plan that outlines our goals to increase student performance in reading and math on the Maryland State Assessments, and increase proficiency on classroom and district-wide assessments. We will also set goals to increase community involvement within the whole school program.

Q. What will help ensure a successful school year?

A. Success for this school year at Winter Street Elementary School will take a collaborative effort from staff, students, parents and community members. Through collaboration and teamwork, we will create a true community school that is rooted in individual and school-wide success and achievement.

Q. What message would you like to send as the school year begins?

A. Welcome to another exciting year at Winter Street Elementary School. This year the students will be encouraged to reach their fullest potential. Winter Street will be a place for learning, growing and achieving goals. At Winter Street, the staff will "Expect the Best" from every student, every day.

Q. What special projects will occur during the school year?

A. This year, Winter Street will work on special projects that will have a positive impact on student success. Our pre-K program is expanding to two full-day classes for 4- and 5-year-olds. It will serve approximately 40 pre-K students in our attendance area.

Through the restructuring process, the Winter Street staff will receive two hours of additional professional development each week. The professional learning opportunities will focus on best instructional practices and clear, focused, effective instruction.

Other projects planned for this year include a student planner project, an agricultural project and a mentor/tutoring program. The student planner project will provide students in grades one through four with a student planner/agenda to help develop organizational skills and responsibilities. The planners will be used to foster communication between parents and teachers. An agricultural project is also planned and will include local businesses, community organizations, and the parents and students of Winter Street as we upgrade the campus and grounds around the school. The mentor/tutoring program will include various city employees and staff members, and will focus on student success and achievement.

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