Boonsboro Elementary

August 20, 2006

5 Campus Ave.

Principal: J. Scott Woods

Phone: 301-766-8013

Fax: 301-432-4559

Web site:

Start time: 7:50 a.m.

Dismissal: 2:20 p.m.

Grades: K-5

Date of construction: 1950

Age of building: 56 years


Latest renovation: 1991

Size of building: 62,716 square feet

State-rated capacity: 514

Projected 2006-07 enrollment: 545

From the principal:

Q. What are the biggest challenges this year?

A. One of the biggest challenges for staff in the coming school year will be our "micro" examination of student achievement data at all levels to locate evidence of need to improve our own teaching and intervention practices through continuous learning. This critical task has become increasingly more difficult as we have become a data-rich organization and inch closer to our vision of leaving no child behind.

Q. What are your goals for the school year?

A. Some schoolwide goals for the coming school year include enhancing instruction through technology, exploring and expanding on opportunities to differentiate instruction through curriculum compacting, embracing and developing the challenges of our new Magnet program, along with team-building initiatives.

Q. What will help ensure a successful school year?

A. The key elements to ensure a successful school year are communication and collaboration between the school and home. Together we will focus on excellence, continuous learning, patience, flexibility and improvement.

Q. What message would you like to send as the school year begins?

A. My message to parents as the school year begins is to empower your child to be an independent thinker through positive praise and honest feedback.

Q. What special projects will occur during the school year?

A. Special projects this school year include cultural assemblies, a return visit from YoJo, the motivational mascot, along with new schoolwide Magnet initiatives to help students understand the ways people communicate, including speaking, reading and writing of a world language. We have a new wireless laptop lab and my goal is that every student gains access to this lab at least two times during the school year.

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