Boonsboro High School graduation

August 20, 2006

Boonsboro High School held its 2006 graduation Friday, June 9, at the Hagerstown Community College Athletic, Recreation and Community Center.

Principal Martin R. Green and Washington County Board of Education member Russell F. Williams presented diplomas to 193 seniors. Special guests were Washington County Schools Superintendent Elizabeth Morgan and Michael Markoe, director of student services for the Board of Education.

Valedictorian Laura Elaine Michael spoke on "You Are No Accident." The daughter of Boyd and Denise Michael of Boonsboro will attend McDaniel College.

Salutatorian Erin Marie Gantz's address was titled, "Journey to Wisdom." The daughter of Paul and Tammy Gantz of Hagerstown will attend Carnegie Mellon University.


Lauren N. Smith was class president.

The following scholarship and other financial aid awards were earned by graduates during the school year:

Ryan Alick - Central Michigan University President's Award

James Ambos - McDaniel College Academic Scholarship, McDaniel College Grants, Maryland Education Grant

Jessica Ambrose - Hagerstown Community College Athletic Scholarship, Shepherd University Athletic Scholarship

Allen Beard - Presidential Freedom Scholarship, Mount Nebo United Methodist Church Scholarship, Mount St. Mary's University Scholarship, Hood College Scholarship, University of South Florida Scholarship, American Legion Post 236, Frank "Wimp" Hamburg Scholarship

Sarah Berens - Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant, Salisbury University Scholarship, Maryland Education Assistance

Brandon Bieltz - Mount St. Mary's University Scholarship

Robert Bishoff - Virginia Tech Grant, American Legion Post 236

Crosby Blair - Guilford College Achievement Award

Andrew Brabson - Denison University Founder's Scholarship, Towson University Provost Scholarship, Towson University Athletic Scholarship, Miami University Oxford Scholarship

Miles Brown - Radford University Dean's Scholarship, Dick Kelly Memorial Scholarship

Charles Crosby - Federal SEOG Grant, Maryland Education Assistance, University of Maryland Educational Scholarship, Boonsboro Elementary Scholarship

Adam Dellinger - Boonsboro Lions Foundation Scholarship, 2005 True Grit Scholarship, McDaniel College Academic Scholarship, Shippensburg Academic Scholarship, Shenandoah Academic Scholarship, Glenn R. Munch Scholarship, Western Maryland Troopers Scholarship, American Legion Post 236, Kendall Memorial Fund Scholarship, Maryland Delegate Scholarship

Ashley Deluca - Towson College Honors Award, Towson College Provost Scholarship, McDaniel College Academic Scholarship, Cabrini College Academic Scholarship, American Legion Post 236, Maryland Delegate Scholarship

Jared Dias - Boonsboro Class of 1948 Scholarship, Boonsboro High School Student Council Award

Autumn Diaz - World Ready Women Scholarship, Chatam College Merit Scholarship, Peace College of North Carolina Scholarship, Mary Baldwin College Academic Scholarship

Justin Ebersole - Shepherd University Honors Scholarship, Frostburg University Honors Program, Service Award, Maryland Education Assistance

Samantha Frew - Federal SEOG Grant, Maryland Education Assistance

Peter Frey - Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Wendy's Heisman Local and Maryland State Winner

Eric Fries - Hood College Merit Scholarship, Bridgewater McKinney ACE Plus Scholarship, Bridgewater College Spoerlein Grant

Kaitlin Gadway - Erie Insurance H.O. Scholarship

Erin Gantz - Girl Scout Gold Award Scholarship, Carnegie Mellon Undergraduate Grant, Carnegie Mellon Institutional Scholarship, Hood College Heritage Scholarship, Hood College Honors Award, Bryn Mawr College Grant, Bryn Mawr College Trustee Scholarship, University of Rochester Bausch & Lomb Scholarship, University of Rochester National Grant, Maryland Distinguished Scholar, Beaver Creek Lions Club, Jane Guyton Michael Scholarship

Laura Gardiner - Federal SEOG Grant, University of Maryland Baltimore County Scholarship, Maryland Assistance Grant

Meagan Gaulding - Hood College Merit Scholarship

Jessica Grim - Messiah College Grant

Ian Harman - Coastal Carolina University Academic Scholarship

Kasi Harris - Wendy's Heisman Winner, Dwight Scott Scholar Athlete Scholarship

Sabrina Heron - Mary Baldwin College Academic Scholarship, 4-H Washington County Horse Council Award

Eric Hoffman - Jane Guyton Michael Scholarship, Maryland Delegate Scholarship

Susan Hornsby - Hagerstown Elks Lodge Teenager of the Year Award

Sarah Hughes - Hagerstown Community College Foundation Scholarship

Sarah Kersting - Clyde Thomas Art Award and Atwood Penmanship Award

Sarah Keyser - Gardner-Webb University Presidential Scholarship, Gardner-Webb University Athletic Grant, Tennessee Tech Academic/Athletic Scholarship

Sarah Kornides - University of Tampa Merit Scholarship, Mary Baldwin College Academic Scholarship, Virginia Commonwealth University Scholarship

Mark Kusolnimit - U.S. Army National Guard

Elizabeth Leitma - Maryland Education Assistance

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