Primary election 2006

August 18, 2006

A second candidates forum will be held today at 7 p.m. in Hagerstown Community College's Kepler Theater.

Today, candidates for Washington County Board of Education, sheriff, state's attorney and House of Delegates Subdistrict 2C will participate.

The forums are sponsored by The Herald-Mail, The League of Women Voters of Washington County, Hagerstown Community College and Antietam Cable.

They will be broadcast live on channel 99 on Antietam Cable, then rebroadcast as follows:

Wednesday's forum with the candidates running for the Washington County Commission will air at 8 p.m. on Antietam Cable channel 19 on Thursday, Aug. 24; Tuesday, Aug. 29; and Tuesday, Sept. 5.

Today's forum will be rebroadcast at 8 p.m. on channel 19 on Friday, Aug. 25; Thursday, Aug. 31; and Thursday, Sept. 7.


Both forums will air back to back on Monday, Sept. 11, at 7 p.m. The primary election is Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Democratic candidates - County Commissioner

Kristin B. Aleshire, 31, Hagerstown

Plan to improve the county: Goes to numerous night meetings each month while serving on government boards and committees, including 18 months studying water and sewer issues

Position on charter home rule: A natural progression for government, but not his decision to make. The public needs to choose. Competent state representatives are needed, too.

Final comment: "The most important thing we can do is have educated voters voting into office educated candidates."

Donna L. Brightman, 54, Knoxville

Plan to improve the county:Get a "holistic database" on the extent of growth to figure out what services are needed. County officials don't have a handle on it.

Plan to manage growth: Make a stronger commitment to preserving agricultural land. Compensation to landowners for easements should be at or near market value.

Final comment: "I will be committed to ensuring that the decision process in this county is open to all..."

Martin Brubaker, 59, Hagerstown

Top priority: The county's future hinges on growth, how it's managed and whether there are services to support it. Sewer capacity is a key element.

Service to the county: Belongs to many civic organizations, volunteers in school system, has worked on historic preservation and has served on public bodies studying water and sewer, housing, planning and a Superfund site.

Final comment: "I'm not beholden to any particular special interest group."

J. Herbert Hardin, 71, Hagerstown

Top priority: The category of "safety and security," including fire and police services. Also, working toward the construction of a new Washington County Hospital on Robinwood Drive.

Plan to manage growth: The housing market was growing, but appears to have hit a plateau. Make sure Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance and planning review processes are in place.

Final comment: "My number-one goal as a county commissioner would be public safety."

N. Linn Hendershot, 61, Hagerstown

Top priority: Managing growth, including water and sewer service. Also, communication between the county and its municipalities, which are often forgotten. A council of governments should meet quarterly.

Position on charter home rule: A committee should be formed to work on the issue so it can be presented to voters for a referendum.

Final comment: "I think citizens should be able to live where they work."

Frank Kretzer, 48, Sharpsburg

Current city/county communication: The two government bodies simply need to "keep an open dialogue and an open mind."

Position on charter home rule: After reading a 32-page report, still had questions. Needs to research it more. Residents should, too. If they vote for it, he'll support it.

Final comment: "I want what you want: excellent schools, good roads (and) taxes and fees that don't continue at an upward spiral."

Daniel Moeller, 63, Rohrersville

Current city/county communication: The two governments don't seem to be that far apart, according to a city councilman's op/ed piece in The Herald-Mail.

Service to the county: Has kept abreast of and commented on issues, such as the county's comprehensive plan, a proposed livability code and rural rezoning. Spoke out about the county's budget at a hearing.

Final comment: "I will vote to eliminate some of the county's laws and some county fees."

Mike Spinnler, 47, Hagerstown

Current city/county communication:Getting together more often seems like a positive step.

Service to the county: President of the Cumberland Valley Athletic Club and director of the annual JFK 50 Mile ultramarathon, which brings money into the local economy. Wants to help the community as much as he can rather than waiting for others to do it.

Final comment: "The only way (people) can complain is to offer your services."

Paul L. Swartz, 68, Maugansville

Current city/county communication: While serving as county commissioner, it was good for a few years, then broke down because of "personalities" and a "turf battle."

Plan to manage growth: Needs to be "a team effort" with planners. Also, county staff should work for the commissioners, not vice versa.

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