You can't always get what you want ...

But shopping at thrift stores can turn up one-of-a-kind pieces at incredible prices

But shopping at thrift stores can turn up one-of-a-kind pieces at incredible prices

August 15, 2006|by NELL BARBER

Can't find it at the mall? Can't afford it at the mall? Well, you don't need to spend $30 on a shirt that everyone else at school is wearing, too.

The common opinion is that thrift store clothing is old, out of date, dirty and ugly.

Not true.

Teens are shopping at thrift stores for the clothes and not for the price. Sure, you'll find your fair share of hideous grandma clothes at Goodwill, but you might find some great stuff if you look hard enough.

Caitlin O'Shea, 15, of Middletown, Md., likes shopping at thrift stores.

"The prices are affordable, and each piece is something worth grabbing for your own unique style purposes," she says.

Thrift stores are good places to find a cheap armload of interesting items to add to your collection. As long as you look carefully, and go with enough time to pick through each rack thoroughly, you often can find an armload of vintage stuff.


"I shop at thrift stores because I think they are much better than any name-brand stores," says Stephanie Jenks, 14, of Inwood, W.Va. "I can always find what I need at thrift stores, and I enjoy vintage clothing."

Although you might not always find what you need at thrift stores, you usually can find something. Depending on the size of the store, most thrift stores have a ton of stuff to pick through. It's also likely that you'll just come across something you love, your dream outfit, hidden under mounds of useless ugly clothes.

You can't always count on them, but second-hand shops are filled with loads of other bits and pieces that you never knew you couldn't live without.

Shopping secondhand also is useful if you just need a certain item for a Halloween costume or some other single-use purpose. You don't need to spend $100 on a Halloween outfit.

Many stores also have a rack or two expressly for high-end clothing. People give away things like Burberry coats and designer stuff. It's worth a look, especially if it could save you hundreds of dollars.

Trying to make an individual fashion statement?

Try at the nearest thrift store, and you might find just what you need to express your own style.

If you check out what they've got at secondhand shops in your town, you might be surprised at what you find. You don't need to dress expensively to dress well.

List of selected thrift stores:

· Goodwill Industries

151 N. Burhans Blvd., Hagerstown, 301-665-1044

5831 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, Md., 301-668-5363

20 Charles Town Plaza, Charles Town, W.Va., 304-728-6883

Greencastle Market Place, 524 N. Antrim Way, 717-597-0868

· The Op Shop

115 N. Charles St, Charles Town, W.Va., 304-725-6605

· Act II

13625 Pennsylvania Ave., Hagerstown, 301-739-0552

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