Residents of development complain about new subdivision plan

August 15, 2006|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - A review of a 31-lot subdivision plan in the fifth phase of the Nicholson Square development in the borough's North End prompted complaints from residents of a neighboring development during Monday's Chambersburg Borough Council meeting.

Quad State Investments, the developer, is requesting the property along Clinton Avenue be subdivided for town houses, a revision from previous plans to build duplexes, according to Phil Wolgemuth, the borough's planning director.

Wolgemuth said the developer also is proposing to change an earlier agreement with the borough on a 5-acre recreation parcel in the northeast part of the development, swapping that for 3.25 acres in another section plus cash.

"Why would we switch our 5 acres for their 3 acres?" asked Council Vice President Robert Wareham. He said the North End has few public recreation areas compared with other parts of the borough.


The borough will not actually own the 5-acre lot until the developer builds a road to it, Wolgemuth said.

"There is some benefit in looking at alternatives" because the 5-acre lot is next to a railroad track, Council President William McLaughlin. It was also noted that cash from the developer could be used to develop a park area.

"If the park plan is revised, has the developer said what it will do in its stead?" asked Bill Pukmel, a resident of the neighboring Franklin Square development in Greene Township. Wolgemuth said no plans for the site have been submitted.

Lance Kegerreis, an engineer representing the developer, said current plans for the 3.25-acre site are for town houses.

Other Franklin Square residents complained about the rocks, dirt piles, debris and weeds in the designated recreation site.

"They haven't taken care of it. The place is a dump," Councilwoman Sharon Bigler said.

Wolgemuth said the subdivision plan meets all borough and municipal code planning requirements. It will be placed on the agenda for a vote at the Council's Aug. 28 meeting.

The proposed swap of land for the recreation site, however, was referred to the borough's recreation board for its recommendation.

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