Barr recovering from motorcycle accident

August 11, 2006|by TARA REILLY

CLEAR SPRING - John F. Barr, owner of Ellsworth Electric Inc. and a Republican candidate for Washington County Commissioner, is recovering at home after a motorcycle accident last week left him with a broken shoulder, cuts and severe "road rash."

"I'm just taking it one day at a time, just trying to get healed up," Barr, 52, said by telephone Thursday.

Barr, of Clear Spring, said he left a carnival in town on the evening of Aug. 2 and, while on his private farm lane, a deer hit his motorcycle.

He went down with the motorcycle and rolled, he said.

He broke his left shoulder, tore up his arms and legs - injuries known as road rash - and cut his forehead, he said.


He likened the road rash to severe burns.

"It's just raw ... raw flesh," Barr said.

The forehead cut required stitches, and he had surgery to have pins placed in his shoulder.

He was in Washington County Hospital from the night of the accident until Sunday.

Barr said his shoulder is expected to heal in eight to 10 weeks and that a future operation might be required, "because it's not where they want it to be."

He said he is on pain medication and isn't driving, but he managed to return to work for a couple of hours Thursday to catch up.

"I didn't want things to slide too much," Barr said.

He was wearing gloves and a helmet, but he said it was a mistake to wear a T-shirt while riding the motorcycle.

He's not sure if he'll ride again, but if he does, he said he'll dress differently.

"I don't think I'll ride with a T-shirt anymore," Barr said.

Despite his injuries, Barr said he's trying to keep his spirits up.

"I have to," Barr said. "I've got to take the little jolts in life and move on. I can't let it get me down."

The primary election is Sept. 12.

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