Bored in the Big Apple

August 08, 2006|by NABELA ENAM

Earlier this summer, my family flew to New York to visit my cousins. Traveling to New York by plane sure beats the five-hour drive my family usually takes.

After arriving at LaGuardia Airport, me, my mom, and my sister, Besmah, went shopping. What did we buy? Vegetables. It wasn't much, but it's always fun to explore new places.

Instead of staying in Manhattan, as many people do, we stayed at my aunt's and uncle's house in Long Island. Though I had been out of school for about a month, my cousins - 8-year-old Sabreen and 9-year-old Tanzim - were finishing their last week of school.

Since the following day was Monday, a school day, everyone had to go to sleep early, leaving me alone and bored up until 1 a.m., which was the usual time I fell asleep.


Waking up at noon the next day and finding myself alone (aunt and uncle being at work, cousins at school, mom and sister shopping) I was again bored. However, the Internet was there to entertain me for an hour or so as I checked my mail and chatted with friends. I also spent my time reading "Warriors Don't Cry" by Melba Pattillo Beals, one of my summer reading assignments. When my mom returned, she decided noon wasn't a good time to wake up. She began waking me up early every morning - at a quarter to 9, to be exact.

During the last three days of school my cousins had half days, coming home around 11:30. With the weather being nice and sunny at first, we spent the day outside. We were soon greeted by the neighbor's dog, Chica, who managed to come into our yard by crawling under the fence. He came quite often, chasing everyone around with a bundle of energy.

Friday evening, my family went to Brooklyn to visit my cousin, Navila, and her mom. My uncle left to get food from McDonald's, which was around the corner. He took forever and we thought he'd gotten lost. He came back a half-hour later, insisting he hadn't gotten lost.

On the way back to Long Island, around midnight, it began to rain like crazy. But we made it back in one piece.

The next day two families from the United Kingdom came to our house. My aunt is a good friend of theirs and picked them up from their hotel in Manhattan to show them around. Sadly, I didn't get a tour of Manhattan, though I plan to the next time I go to New York.

When coming back from New York we traveled by car. It rained and rained and rained, and my sister and I nearly died of boredom. We survived, barely.

But I'll be back in New York again this month. I hope we fly.

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