Recipe for success is a dose of diversity

Check out Maryland schools

Check out Maryland schools

August 08, 2006|by SARAH JOHNSTON

No. 6 of a nine-part series

BALTIMORE - A melting pot of religions, races and cultures, Goucher College embraces diversity. Students have endless opportunities to taste the multifarious flavors of our multicultural society. Believing that international awareness is an essential ingredient of a liberal arts education, Goucher officials plan to initiate a mandatory study abroad program in 2010.

With students from more than 40 states and more than 15 countries, Goucher seeks to produce global citizens willing to engage in new experiences, inclined to foster an open mind, and determined to make a difference, whether in their own community or halfway around the world.

The wooded campus, situated on the outskirts of Baltimore, is a short stroll from fine dining and fabulous shopping. By reputation - for what it's worth - the typical Goucher student prefers sipping coffee at a piano recital to chugging beer at a frat house. Visit for more information.


At a glance

Type: private

Affiliation: none

Environment: suburban

Tuition for 2006-07: $28,900

Total yearly cost for 2006-07 (includes tuition, fees, room and board): approximately $38,000

Popular majors: visual and performing arts, psychology

Student population: 1,400 undergraduate students, 900 graduate students

Student body: 67 percent female, 33 percent male

Student/faculty ratio: 9:1

Average class size: 19

Clubs and organizations: more than 60

Greek life: no

Athletics: 16 NCAA Division III teams, plus one Division I team

Famous alumna: United States District Court Judge Sarah T. Hughes, the first woman, and, thus far, the only woman, to swear in a U.S. president.

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