Developers, supervisors agree to alter plans on Sheffield Manor

August 03, 2006|by KATE S. ALEXANDER

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - Developers and Washington Township supervisors agreed Wednesday to alter plans for building an expansion to the Sheffield Manor development.

Responding to safety concerns raised by Township Supervisor Christopher Firme, developers agreed to build in a way that would minimize contact between residents and construction.

The expansion of the Sheffield Manor development, set to add 168 condominiums and 42 town houses to the development, will occur in phases over the next eight years, according to R. Lee Royer, a local surveyor.

Initially, M&H Construction of Waynesboro proposed building "phase one" of the site to include a recreational area and 48 condominiums. According to preliminary drawings presented by developers, the condominiums included in the first phase of the construction were those closest to Pa. 997.


Firme voiced concern that if developers followed their initial plan, they would build the recreational area together with condominiums at the opposite end of the development. This, he said, was "not smart" because it forced residents to walk past the active construction to reach the recreation area. Likewise, he said, residents would have to share the road with construction vehicles.

Carroll Sturm, chairman of the supervisors, proposed developing the condominiums closest to the recreational area first.

Following lengthy logistical discussion, developers agreed that Sturm's proposal would both make sense and would generate the fewest safety concerns.

"That's how I wanted to build anyway," developer Mike Henicle said.

Washington Township Manager Mike Christopher proposed further altering the plans to include building access to Buckingham Drive in the first phase. Doing so, he said, would separate construction and residential traffic by allowing residents to access the development by way of Buckingham Drive and construction vehicles to access the development by Sheffield Manor Boulevard.

While Sheffield Manor Boulevard is not scheduled to be finished until the second phase of construction under the revised plans, supervisors agreed that construction vehicles could use the unfinished road for access to the development.

According to Royer, the developer will revise the drawings to reflect the agreement to build the recreational area and the closet 36 condominiums together with access to Buckingham Drive as phase one.

The supervisors are expected to vote on the revised plans at their next meeting.

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