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August 03, 2006|by SUSIE HOFFMAN

Staying cool?

Good afternoon, warm and toasty friends! Are we getting creative in ways to stay cool? I would be slightly less than honest to say that I am enjoying this weather; however, the bright side is that we will surely appreciate sweater weather and crisp, cool fall mornings.

Back to school

Can you believe that summer is giving us her last hurrah? In just three weeks from today, the town will be getting a lot quieter. Yes it is true ... school time! The children head back this year on the 23rd of August, and I do believe that most are quite ready for a change in their routines, so school is definitely a good thing.

Those wee ones trotting off to the Funkstown School for Early Childhood Education can stop by the school and see classroom assignments which will be posted on the front of the school by Aug. 8. Bus lists should be going up by Aug. 15 or so. The school will open its doors on the 22nd for parents and students to take a walk through and check out their classroom and teachers between 2 and 3 in the afternoon. This does a great deal to alleviate stress and first day jitters, so I highly recommend it!


South orientation

Now if high school is the big jump this year, South Hagerstown High School will be holding an orientation/dinner/tour for incoming freshmen on the 21st. A spaghetti dinner at 5:30 will be followed by orientation and tours. The tours and meeting of teachers should begin around 6:30 or so, so if spaghetti is not your thing, well, just meet us there after dinner!

Ask the doctor

As summer is winding down, I would like to remind parents that immunization requirements have changed throughout the county, so please call your child's doctor to see what they may need before heading back to school. School supply lists for elementary students should have come home at the end of last year; however, if you can't seem to locate yours, call the schools or check out the schools' Web sites. Simply go to and from there you can get access to any of the county schools.

Reading hour

Do you have loads and loads of school shopping to do? Are your lists not getting any shorter? If you happen to be at the Prime Outlets on any Saturday in August between 1 and 2 in the afternoon, why not take a break? The Book Cellar is celebrating an Animal Crackers reading hour. These featured readings come complete with juice boxes and animal crackers. Why not stop over and see which Washington County teachers are the featured readers this week!

Food for the soul

"It is not what you do for a living that defines who you are; it is HOW you do what you do that defines you."

Susie's To Do List

1. Finish up shopping for school supplies.

2. Finish up shopping for last-minute beach items.

3. Spend most of these hot days at the pool.

4. Clean out my car.

5. Watch a goofy movie with the kids.

6. Talk with the kids about many different occupations and how valuable they are.

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