August 03, 2006

Ausherman Homes, Inc., 20 Zachary Court, Boonsboro, to William A. Bohne, for $392,325.

Bryan C. Hanes, 2014 Windsong Drive, Hagerstown, to Blake Davis, for $169, 900.

Terry R. and Paula Sue Sholty, 1655 Langley Drive, Unit 13, Hagerstown, to Raymond M. and Jane M. Deavers, for $165,000.

Estate of Lorene Virginia Keefer, 14129 Maugansville Road, Maugansville, to Gerald D. House, for $250,000.

John F. Grove, 232 Nottingham Road, Hagerstown, to George R. Karn II, for $225,000.

Michael C. and Marisa A. Bowers, 10828 Clinton Ave., Hagerstown, to Ronald L. and Bonnie M. Parks, for $80,000.

Path Finders Enterprises, LLC, 632-634 E. Wilson Blvd., to Dennis A. Laura A. Eyler, for $265,000.

David A. and Laurel J. Burrows, 21917 Academy Lane, Hagerstown, to Vladimir A. and Lynne A. Corea, for $103,000.

Paul and Jacquelyn Merson, 20616 Buckskin Court, Boonsboro, to Robert L. and Traci L. Humphreys, for $185, 000.

Lee R. Rhodes, Churchey Road, Sharpsburg, to Jeffrey N. Crampton, for $3,000.


NVR, Inc., A Virginia Corporation, 17703 Perlite Way, Hagerstown, to Charles S. Melnyk Jr., for $251,450.

NVR, Inc., A Virginia Corporation, 13836 Exeter Court, Hagerstown, to Eric F. and Kathy A. Gettleman, for $500,925.

NVR, Inc., A Virginia Corporation, 19357 Paradise Manor Drive, Hagerstown, to Clarise A. Rollins-Swann, for $458,658.

NVR, Inc., A Virginia Corporation, 9436 Morning Walk Drive, Hagerstown, to Walter E. Owen, for $339,900.

NVR, Inc., A Virginia Corporation, 19356 Paradise Manor Drive, Hagerstown, to Isobo and Tomitamunokuma Tariah, for $494,200.

Paul Crampton, LLC, 1232 Hunters Woods Drive, Hagerstown, to Gaynel E. Miller, for $154,916.

Michael Shank, Garry B. Shank, and William F. Flaherty Jr., as trustees, 19329 Leitersburg Pike, Hagerstown, to Faison-Hagerstown, LLC, for $3,975,526.

Rocky Spring Enterprises Inc., 19500 Mill Point Road, Boonsboro, to John S. II and Sharon W. Shank, for $483,000.

8486, LLC, a Maryland Liability Co., 206 Tiger Way, 8 and 15 Holder Court, Boonsboro, to Ausherman Homes, Inc., a Maryland Corporation, for $244,800.

D.R. Horton, Inc., 19508 Waneta Drive, Boonsboro, to James Lincoln Falwell Jr. and Renee I. Hodges for $740,937.

Cavaliar Equities LLLP, 19230 Rock Maple Drive, Hagerstown, to Nancy B. Robinson, for $81,000.

Kenneth D. and Susan O. Cline, 711 Largo Drive, Hagerstown, to Ned L. and Betty L. Lucas, for $200,000.

Farmers and Merchants Bank of Hagerstown, 25331 Military Road, Cascade, to Roger L. and Patricia M. Ridenour, for $275,000.

Timothy J. and Julia C. Mullowney, 13316 Keener Road, Hagerstown, to Cendant Mobility Financial Corporation, for $390,000.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corporation,, 13316 Keener Road, Hagerstown, to Jeffrey A. and Alison M. Ortiz, for $390,000.

Gregory A. and Robin L. McCauley, 1135-1137 W. Washington St., Hagerstown, to William Simmelink, for $187,500.

Thomas C. Matchett, 25209 Elhuff Court, Cascade, to Jerry Seal Jr., for $155,900.

Maxxam Homes, Mansoor and Janet Shaool, 20506 Tehrani Lane, Hagerstown, to Johnnie and Shannon E. Lipscomb, for $749,900.

Daniel P. and Janette M. Spedden, 46 East Ave., Hagerstown, to Mattias H. Weider and Jennifer L. Freeland-Weider, for $179,900.

Sherry K. Mace, 16712 Caldwell Court, Williamsport, to Todd K. Mace, for $305,000.

Michael Scott Crunkleton, 139 W. Main St., Hancock, to Jason K. and Theresa A. Hutzel, for $129,900.

John T. and Allison K. Watkins, 708 Largo Drive, Hagerstown, to Shirley A. Parkinson, for $220,000.

Sally M. and Jamie Allen Carr, 17910 Oak Ridge Drive, Hagerstown, to Tammy L. and William C. Palmer, for $215,000.

Karen L. Gardner, f/k/a Karen L. Belisle, 55 S. Main St., Keedysville, to Ryan A. and Jodi A. Jones, for $198,000.

Masser Properties Inc., 605 Palm Beach Drive, Hagerstown, to Rhonda K. Metcalf, for $259,000.

Alexander A. and Teresa M. Cunningham, 184 E. Main St., Hancock, to Marty Adams and Stanley Fulton, for $600,000.

Warren F. Ottinger, 13701 Spring Valley Circle, Hagerstown, to David and Laura Michelle Halterman, for $337,000.

Richard O. Petricig, 341 S. Burhans Blvd., Hagerstown, to Philip J. and Christine M. Shaer, for $149,000.

Virginia A. and Robert E. Stayman, 19226 Olde Waterford Road, Hagerstown, to David Juarez, for $461,310.

Curtis E. Jr. and Leona C. Mullenix, 12 N. Vermont St., Williamsport, to John H. Nelson, for $165,900.

John H. Nelson, 813 Maryland Ave., Hagerstown, to Dustin Noland-Saylor, for $124,900.

Agustin and Bridget Laserna, 18909 Shepherdstown Pike, Keedysville, to Sharon L. and Peter A. Schroebel, for $550,000.

Richard L. and Kathy L. Henneberger, 9803 Woodside Court, Hagerstown, to Agustin and Bridget Laserna, for $370,000.

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