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July 31, 2006

Last week's question

In Washington County, there are four candidates for state's attorney, five for sheriff and 24 for county commissioner. What's the best way to keep track of so many candidates and how will you decide which ones to vote for?

This is why I DESPISE local elections! Everyone and their next door neighbor gets in the running and you have no idea who's who - unless they've had their name plastered all over town since Day One of their campaign.

When it's that congested, people vote for the names they recognize. Sheriff and State's Attorney might actually get voted in on merits as they're going to be easier to keep straight. But the County Commissioners - you need a notebook in the booth with you to keep that straight!

If you are a Democrat or a Republican and intend to vote in the primary election, you will have 12 candidates to choose from. In the general election, you will have 10 candidates - five Democrats and five Republicans, to choose from. The newspaper does a pretty good job reporting on the candidates.


On, here is some information As far as having their names plastered all over town - don't vote for those candidates; they have more money than brains.

It certainly does make one wonder about credentials if someone's spending a small fortune plastering their name all over creation, doesn't it?

But, one has to also think practically when running for office. If the folks don't at least know your name, you're up the creek. But, no matter who's running, if people don't get out and VOTE, it doesn't really matter who's who, does it?

I will keep track of the candidates by reading the impartial coverage in The Herald-Mail, right? As for deciding which ones to vote for, I'll vote for the five that best match my vision of what Washington County could be. Anything will be an improvement over the single-party status quo that is currently the situation with our County Commissioners. I hope all registered voters come out and vote in the primary (Sept. 12). It is our chance to "have a say" until new thinking and new leadership takes over.

Where can I find information about ALL the candidates? Unfortunately, I don't get the daily newspaper - it's just too biased for me to read.

What I don't understand is with this newfangled Internet thingy we all know and love, why aren't these candidates putting up Web pages as part of their campaign? It's super cheap to do. Cheaper than getting local airtime for a debate (which would do wonders for the commissioners' race, don't ya think?)

Keep watching Herald-Mail coverage of commissioners candidates and weed out those that are flat-out lying or absolutely dumb.

This week's question

Last week, for the second time this year, a Maryland correctional officer was killed while on duty. What can the state's Secretary of Corrections and prison officials do to make the institutions safer for the men and women who work there?

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