What do you think?

July 30, 2006

Editor's note: Each week, The Herald-Mail invites readers to answer poll questions on its Web site, Readers also may submit comments about the poll question when voting. Each Sunday, a sampling of edited reader comments will appear in The Herald-Mail.

Last week's poll question was: What should the United States' role be in the ongoing Israeli/Hezbollah conflict - negotiate a truce, intervene militarily, stay out of it or I don't care?

As of Saturday at 7 p.m., 272 voters (69.4 percent) said the U.S. should stay out of the conflict, while 72 voters (18.4 percent) said a truce should be negotiated and 32 voters (8.2 percent) said the U.S. should intervene militarily. Sixteen voters (4.1 percent) said they didn't care.

"Jews and Arabs have (been) killing one another my whole life. No amount of tax money has changed that, and it never will! That money could be spent better here in America!"


"Have we not learned a blessed thing from dealing with militant Islam? Their entire philosophy is so different from everyone else - you can't negotiate a 'truce' with them, as the Christian world is considered the 'infidel' to them. Intervening militarily would be like fighting a two-front war, seeing as how we are up to our brass in Iraq with no end in sight - we'd get crushed between the two fronts - or we'd go absolutely bankrupt. Either way, that's not good for anyone. But, as the self-proclaimed policemen of the world, you know the administration isn't going to butt out. Naw, that'd make too much sense."

"This is the pretext for the next staged terrorist attack in the United States. They are already saying on TV, 'Will these tensions make Hezbollah sleeper cells attack U.S.?' - you see, they're already plating the seed for the excuse for the next terrorist attack. The next one won't be a shock, it will be staged and orchestrated. You heard it here first."

"A FALSE FLAG attack is at hand to get Americans riled up and ready to fight. The media has reporting that Hezbollah is entrenched in eleven U.S. cities and when Tehran gives the order they will attack. TA-DA!!!! The set up is in place for the Zionist Neocon false flag attack on the U.S. NBC has stated that OFFICIALS are warning local law enforcement personnel that attacks could be carried out by people sympathetic to Lebanon and without ties to Hezbollah may carry out attacks on their own. Thus thinking, caring Americans can be blamed for their next 9/11-like attack."

"Yeah, isn't it screwy how the U.S. has managed to dig itself into its own messes by backing terrorist nations? Then, they turn around and cry the poor, poor pitiful me's because the parties they once backed turn on them?"

"The first thing (is) to impeach and convict George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and a handful of their cronies of the terrible crimes that have committed. 2. Withdraw all support for Israel. There is no finer example of state sponsored terrorism than this country. 3. Pull out every single uniformed soldier and officer in the Middle East. It is a waste of money going in a few rich men's pockets. 4. Pull out every single uniformed soldier and officer in any other country. 5. Gradually adopt laws restricting American trade to the USA. We have everything we need right here in this wonderful country full of resources. Foreign entanglements have been causing the trouble. Does anyone realize the danger of the USA owing money to China?"

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