Dogs have their day at Expo

July 28, 2006|by ERIN JULIUS

A dark yellow dog panted as it "stayed" for its owner Thursday afternoon during the Washington County Ag Expo's Dog Show.

The yellow lab-husky mix, named Sadie, also weaved through two volunteers in a figure-eight pattern and followed the commands of her owner as the Dog Show supervisor ordered "left turn" and "about turn."

For their efforts, Sadie and her owner, Sara Angle, 13, won a blue ribbon for showmanship.

Five dogs participated in Thursday's show.

Dairy goats ready for show to go on

Local 4-H students led their goats out of the livestock barn and into the main show ring Thursday night for the Dairy Goat Show at the Washington County Ag Expo.

The goats were feisty as they paraded around the ring. A snow-white goat jumped around as its owner tried to position it for the judge. Other goats stomped their feet as they stood in a line facing the judge.


Showmanship counted for 50 percent of the score. The judge also looked for how well the goats were clipped, washed and cared for, and how well they cooperated with the handler, said Dani Young, 13.

Dani's goat, Vanilla, 3, was named Grand Champion.

Crab creations sell like hot cakes

Crab cakes are a hot seller at the concession stand inside the multipurpose room at the Washington County Ag Expo, said Mike Shriner, who was working behind the counter Thursday night.

Iced tea is the most popular beverage, he said.

All around the Expo, folks also guzzled cherry slushies from the concession stand.

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