Blast from the Past

July 26, 2006

Week of July 23, 1956

Maybe a 22 1/2-pound carp is no record-breaker but when caught by a 75-year-old fisherman on a line that is 39 years old the fish takes on enormous proportions.

Noah Ford, 14 Snyder Ave., one of the county's best known Democrats, caught the big fish earlier this week at Dam No. 5. It took the help of a friend to land the carp.

Last week it was reported that Hancock received more money in return of traders' license fees than any other incorporated town of the county outside of Hagerstown. Many thought the upper county metropolis had supplanted Williamsport as the top town in the county.

However, the new Polk Directory still has Williamsport on top in population, for a check this week disclosed there are 28 pages devoted to Williamsport addresses as against only 22 for Hancock.


How long does it take to get drunk? Not very long for some people, according to testimony frequently heard in City Court.

Something of a record must have been set recently when one veteran offender was released from jail shortly after midnight and was re-arrested at 1 a.m.

The arresting officer found him upside down in a phone booth, his head on the floor and his feet extending straight up. He had four bottles of wine in his possession at the time.

Week of July 23, 1981

Three hundred uniformed men in reactivated military units of the French and Indian War, the American Revolution and the Civil War will participate in a weekend of joint military activity during Military Field Days at Fort Frederick State Park July 25 and 26 from 1 to 4 p.m.

Full field camps of each era will be set up and opened to public inspection.

The strike of those wealthy big league baseball players hasn't affected local sports enthusiasts one bit. Attendance at the Hagerstown Suns' home games has passed the 100,000 mark and probably has already set an all-time record with more than a month to go.

The old Blue Ridge League and the Interstate League of decades ago seldom exceeded game attendance the Carolina League entrants have enjoyed.

The Nelson Weicht family of Greensburg near Smithsburg want the Washington County Commissioners to pay them $4,000 for damages they allegedly suffered when a county roads department truck backfired near their house and caused their horse to sprint, fall and break its leg. The 8-year-old mare had to be destroyed.

In addition, Mrs. Weicht said a neighbor's cow went dry and refused to be milked after the backfiring incident.

The board of county commissioners said they would turn the claim over to their insurance company.

- compiled by Jean Baraclough

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