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July 24, 2006|by SUSIE HOFFMAN

We have no control over the weather

You know the wonderful thing about the recent heat we have been having? It sure does make the change in seasons appealing. I am a true believer in never complaining about the weather for two very good reasons. First, we can do absolutely nothing about it ... and second, it never lasts. So grab an iced tea and enjoy your front porch swing.

One day they're in kindergarten, then bam!, they're joining the Marine Corps

Life comes at you fast. It seems to loll along, slowly and methodically. Routines rule and one day flows into the next, especially in a small town. Then bam! All of a sudden you turn around and you realize that little girl down the street is grown and married and the neighbor you enjoyed spending time chatting with has been passed for a few years. Last week was one of those time passages. Why just not so long ago the neighborhood boys were climbing the trees or making a fort in the top of the garage or learing to drive or getting dressed up to go to the big dance and now ... bam! heading off for the Marines.


I have watched Jeff Sines wait anxiously with his mother and father for the kindergarten bus and from there our boys became good friends. I know I speak for many in town in wishing Jeff the best of luck in basic training in the Marine Corps.. We are truly proud of him and the future he has. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jeff.

Lions Club honors Breanna Adams

Congratulations to Miss Breanna Adams on her recent award from the Funkstown Lions Club. At a dinner meeting on June 14, the Lions Club held student recognition night and Breanna received a savings bond and kudos for her outstanding citizenship. The Lions Club also donated $400 to Emma K. Doub School for use in the classrooms.

Breanna is a very vibrant, intelligent young lady who also has proven that she exhibits citizenship and respect for her peers and community. Congratulations, Breanna, on an outstanding job!

Kitty turns 14

Talk about the passage of time ... whew! My daughter, my little girl, turned 14 last weekend. Yes I know, the teen years. I have been extremely blessed with a daughter who knows who she is and what she stands for. I am so very extremely proud of Kitty. She maitains honor roll in accelerated classes at school while keeping active in Youth for Christ, all-county chorus, drama club, and student government.

Kitty is truly a very sweet person, a person I am proud to be a part of her life. The day was filled with girlfriends coming over for a movie and then a cookout in the back yard with her friends and family members. Happiest of birthdays, baby girl!

Chicken barbecue

Too hot to cook? Hang in there. The Funkstown Volunteer Fire Company will hold its annual chicken barbecue on Saturday, July 29, from 9:30 a.m. until sold out.

Food for the soul

"Embrace love as a verb, not a noun."

Susie's to do list

1.) Dust all the ceiling light fixtures.

2.) Recaulk the bathroom and touch up the paint.

3.) Start looking at the school supply lists and grabbing a few things each time you are out.

4.) Check the sale racks for a few last-minute things for the beach.

5) Clean out the bookshelves and look for a new read.

6.) Show love through action.

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