Cruise ship tips, spoils trip for local travelers

July 21, 2006|by ERIN JULIUS

HAGERSTOWN - Daris Phillips had been sitting on her chaise lounge in the Florida sun when the cruise ship she was traveling aboard suddenly tilted.

"All of a sudden, a big gush of water came up from the pool. Everyone started screaming," said Phillips, 77, of Hagerstown. "It was almost like the Titanic."

Phillips, her son and a local couple were aboard the new Crown Princess cruise ship Tuesday when it tilted 15 degrees in the waters off Florida, 11 1/2 miles southeast of Port Canaveral on its way to New York.

"Children were lost and screaming. People were hurt, screaming, covered with blood," Phillips said.

After the ship righted, it turned around and headed back to port.

Phillips' son, Terry Haller, 59, was with Marsha and Richard Love, of the Huyetts Crossroads area, when the ship tilted.

"We were getting ready to play bingo when we slid across the room in chairs," Marsha Love said. "I slid 15 feet into a railing."


On Thursday, Love visited the doctor and was treated for bruised ribs and a slightly sprained wrist, she said. Love didn't see a doctor on board the ship because "triage was really hectic."

Love said glass crashed everywhere and fixtures broke.

"We were both very scared," she said.

Phillips, Haller and the Loves returned home Wednesday after catching planes from Florida. Love said the cruise line is refunding the cost of the cruise.

Phillips and Marsha Love both said they would board a cruise ship again.

"The ship was beautiful, gigantic. There were places we never even got to," Love said. "The staff remained very professional, calm and reassuring."

All 3,100 passengers and 1,200 crew members aboard the Crown Princess were accounted for and its crew reported problems with the steering equipment on the 113,000-ton ship when it tilted, the Associated Press reported.

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