You Said It

July 21, 2006

Editor's note: The Morning Herald does not endorse any of these anonymous opinions. We encourage readers to include their names with their opinions through letters to the editor that appear each day on page A4.

"This is to the people complaining about Mellott's quarry: You built your houses close to it, so stop your complaining. You are like the people who came up here from the city and built their million-dollar homes next to the pig farm, and then complained about the odor. Why don't you pack up and go back where you came from? We need our farmers and our quarry. Thank you."- Williamsport

"I'm calling about the State Line, Pa., caller who complains about people getting grants to get degrees. Why doesn't that caller apply for a grant themselves? Also, the fact is that these grants aren't necessarily taxpayers' money. Some companies and some entities that are interested in upgrading the intelligence within our societal boundaries also give grants. I would think that the caller really needs to get educated."- Rohrersville


"Election time is getting close. Please remember who the county commissioners were who gave the gift to the big developers. One decided not to run for re-election because he figured he would not win, so he bailed out. They said they did not raise our tax rate, but they raised our tax assessments. Are we that dumb? No, we know they still get more money."- Williamsport

"In the July 17 Daily Mail, the lady from Williamsport complains about the county and state personnel getting raises, instead of appreciating the benefits she receives from the state and county. She denigrates this action; likewise, she excoriates the caller from Rohrersville as well as the U.S. president. This appears to be the mindset of scores of people in this county. Isn't it unfortunate that she isn't satisfied?" - Rohrersville

"This is to the person who replied to last week's Herald-Mail forum question about the County Commissioners, in terms of other offices, if they should run again. He said that Newt Gingrich moved his residence from west Georgia to the northern part of the state because he was unelectable in his home district. They are way off base. What happened was the Democrats ... in an attempt to try to defeat him - he outfoxed them by moving to another district and getting re-elected anyway."

"Here's something to think about. American troops are evacuating 20,000 people from a country which is being attacked by one of our strongest allies. Think about it."

"The welfare of all our animals are up to us. Please be kind to them, always." - Halfway

"I know everyone is tired of reading in the paper about the gasoline prices, but when oil goes up, gas goes up. So when oil goes down, why don't the gas go down? Oil went down $1.73 a barrel yesterday, so why don't they lower the gas a couple pennies? It doesn't make sense to me. I still say it's price gouging." - Clear Spring

"Due to a shortage of correctional officers, it seems the practice of drafting officers to work 16 hours under very stressful conditions will ultimately result in somebody either getting injured or killed. Hiring officers under 21 that are inexperienced is also a hazard."

"In reference to the call from Hagerstown about being at a restaurant, seeing parents or people trying to correct their children, I feel parents have the right to correct the children if they're out of line, the way they see fit, without any interruptions from people like her or our government. I feel a lot of people just goes out to restaurants and places in public just to see what they can stick their eyes, ears and nose into. I feel the caller needs to mind their own business and take care of their own problems on the home front. That's the trouble with this country. Too many people likes to get in your business nowadays." - Greencastle, Pa.

"This is in reference to the comments regarding our soldiers fighting in Iraq. A person stated they're fighting for the Iraqis and not for me and my country, and they're fighting because Bush sent them there to fight for oil, and they're getting paid for it. Obviously, this unpatriotic un-American has never volunteered to serve our country, doesn't know or care (about) the sacrifices made by our military and their families. On behalf of all our Americans, it's disgusting to think this individual probably calls himself an American." - Keedysville

"I would just like to alert people that the Funkstown bridge is an antique bridge - it's historical, and it's a one-lane bridge, so if cars are coming over, two cars cannot pass on the bridge. Just a safety reminder." - Hagerstown

"I was shopping at Martin's on Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday afternoon, and lost my car keys. I'd like to thank the person who found the keys and turned them in. The keys had a green dinosaur attached to them." - Hagerstown

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