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July 20, 2006

Los Lonely Boys, "Sacred"

For some young artists, the follow-up to a multiplatinum debut and a Grammy award is obscurity, as they fail to find an audience that is as enamored of their new work as their first.

The Los Lonely Boys should have no such problem with "Sacred," their sophomore effort after 2004's self-titled debut. "Sacred" has a more polished sound, featuring organs and horn arrangements, and its stunning Tex-Mex mix is sure to please the Boys' fans base and win over any remaining doubters.

The crack rhythm section of younger brothers Jojo and Ringo, on bass and drums respectively, lays down solid, soulful grooves for guitar virtuoso Henry to strut his stuff over.


Equal parts Stevie Ray Vaughn and Carlos Santana, Henry - the eldest of the Garzas at a spry 25 - rises above merely imitating his influences to create a style all his own.

Popular blues seems to have found its' latest bearer of the torch - or, rather, the Fender Stratocaster.

Then there's the singing. The brothers share vocal duties and their pitch-perfect harmonizing adds a dimension that only years of playing together can create.

The disc's opener, "My Way," sets the tone with a blistering riff and solo backed by a sing-along chorus that will make a perfect addition to an already explosive live show.

Sandwiched in between the Latin-flavored scorchers "Orale" and "Oye Mamacita" is the luscious first single "Diamonds" - a track every bit as strong as their breakout single, 2004's "Heaven."

The trio shines with bluesy rockers ("Roses," "Texican Style"), mid-tempo shuffles ("Home," "My Loneliness") or soft ballads ("I Never Met a Woman," "Living My Life"), and their joy of playing together can be heard throughout.

A perfect highlight is "Outlaws," an ode to the forefathers of country blues that oozes confidence and features guest appearances by friend and mentor Willie Nelson, as well as Garza patriarch Ringo Sr.

The song's message is loud and clear: Watch out for Los Lonely Boys.

- By The Associated Press

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