Police: Waynesboro man killed in accident had broken into homes

July 20, 2006|by DON AINES

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. - A Waynesboro, Pa., man killed in a one-car accident Wednesday morning had broken into two Chambersburg homes shortly before the crash and had been involved in a disturbance Monday night at Waynesboro Hospital, according to three police agencies.

Aaron K. Fletcher, 28, of 220 W. Second St., was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident in the 5200 block of Wayne Road in Guilford Township. Franklin County Coroner Jeffrey R. Conner said he died of multiple blunt force trauma and no autopsy will be performed.

"The family is grieving now" and needed time to deal with the loss of their loved one, Fletcher's uncle, Jerry Fletcher, said Wednesday night.

"He's actually a pretty neat kid," but had gone through some unfortunate circumstances, Fletcher said. He said the family did not want to comment further at this time.


Fletcher's death was the culmination of a series of events that began Monday at 6:48 p.m. when Waynesboro police were called to respond to a disturbance in the birthing services ward of Waynesboro Hospital.

Chief Ray Shultz said Fletcher had gone there "convinced that his girlfriend was about to give birth."

Hospital officials told him the woman was not there, but he beat on the door of the nurses' station, Shultz said.

When a nurse opened the door, he pushed past her, knocking her to the floor, Shultz said. Fletcher entered the ward, looked in some rooms and yelled the woman's name before returning to the waiting room where he "sat down as if nothing had happened."

Fletcher was taken away by police, but as he was being put in a car to go to headquarters, he broke away, Shultz said. Fletcher was tackled by an officer and it was decided he should be left at the hospital for evaluation, Shultz said.

No charges were filed against Fletcher, Shultz said.

At 1:31 a.m. Wednesday, Chambersburg police received reports of burglaries in progress in the 100 and 200 blocks of North Coldbrook Avenue. When police arrived, they saw a yellow Ford Focus leaving the area with its lights off.

The borough police report stated the driver was identified as Fletcher and officers attempted to stop the car, but "lost contact" with it before reaching the village of New Franklin, Pa., south of Chambersburg.

Police said the back doors of two homes had been forced open and at one of the houses car keys belonging to a woman were stolen. A detective with the department said Fletcher was driving that stolen vehicle.

An elderly disabled woman lives at one of the houses that was broken into and her overnight caregiver said she had just helped the woman go to the bathroom when she heard a steady pounding.

"Who the hell are you?" the woman said she yelled when the man forced his way through the back door.

"He yelled 'Jesus Christ is coming' and he held a Bible up in the air ... Then he said, 'Jesus, Jesus.' It wasn't like he was cursing," the woman said. She said the man, who was wearing an undershirt and pajama pants, might have been scared by her and ran out of the house.

"You could tell there was something wrong with him," she said.

The woman said police told her the man had escaped from Chambersburg Hospital, although the borough police report did not indicate where Fletcher had come from before the break-ins. North Coldbrook Avenue is on the east side of Chambersburg Hospital.

She said police told her the car that was stolen belonged to a woman who was housesitting at the house in the 200 block of North Coldbrook Avenue.

"The police told me I didn't have to worry about him because he hit a tree," the woman said. "They didn't say he was dead."

There was no information available on Fletcher, according to a spokeswoman Chambersburg Hospital spokeswoman said.

State police said Fletcher was driving south on Wayne Road in excess of 100 mph before the crash. The car went across the northbound lane, off the road and struck a tree, police said. The car went 156 feet before hitting another tree, then spun around, went another 47 feet and hit a third tree with its roof.

Fletcher was not wearing a seat belt, police said.

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