Summer at Renfrew gives kids the chance to go Nose to Nose

July 20, 2006|by JENNIFER FITCH

WAYNESBORO, Pa. - The summer day camp experience has come to Renfrew Park for the first time as Renfrew Institute expands its school-year offerings.

The Summer Institute Day Camp, which ends Friday, has provided a dozen participants in grades 4 to 6 with education in history and environmentalism, while also affording them time to just have fun.

"The kids really seem to be enjoying themselves," Sherry Hesse of Renfrew Institute said.

While the day camp wraps up, other children's programs are on tap for the summer, including heritage crafts workshops, "Nose to Nose with Nature" and summer storytime.

Eight children in the nature program on Wednesday examined tree bark and grass with magnifying glasses. They built fairy houses with construction materials found in nature during the first week.


Next Wednesday they will be focusing on the water in the Antietam Creek, Melodie Anderson-Smith of Renfrew Institute said.

"We will be getting in the creek, so bring creek shoes," Anderson-Smith said.

"It's kind of a light, fun program for kids to explore," Hesse said. The Nose to Nose with Nature sessions cost $3 a child and run from 9:30 to 11 a.m., she said.

Heritage crafts workshops are scheduled for Monday through Friday next week, with classes featuring piercing tin, quilting, woodworking, pottery and basketry. The deadline to register for the sessions has been extended to Friday, July 21.

The base fee for the workshops is $25, with some classes carrying an additional materials fee.

Renfrew Institute hopes to expand its summer offerings next year by adding classes and opening them to more grades, Hesse said.

"Our board of directors encouraged us to go in that direction. We wanted to offer something new that would tie into our mission," she said.

The Summer Institute Day Camp children have seemingly enjoyed netting critters in the stream and "magic spots" the best, according to Hesse.

The "magic spots" afford the children quiet time under a tree or with toes dipped in the water to read, write poetry or think, she said.

"The good, old getting wet in the stream was fun, too," Hesse said Wednesday as the youngsters prepared to build a log house big enough to enter.

The Waynesboro Area Community Prevention Collaborative provided five full scholarships for the $160 day camp tuition.

"They have really bonded as a group and made new friends," Hesse said.

The final Children's Summer Stories session is scheduled for 1 p.m. Tuesday, July 25. The free session encourages children to gather under a tree near the visitors center to listen to stories.

For more information or to register for any of Renfrew Institute's summer programs, call 717-762-0373.

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