Hagerstown briefs

July 19, 2006|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

Connector road considered

HAGERSTOWN - Rodney Tissue, the city's engineer, said Tuesday that a new northwest road would eliminate some "circuitous" commutes.

The idea to link Salem and Pennsylvania avenues goes back many years.

Tissue gave the Hagerstown City Council a chart showing that traffic increased as much as 90 percent on Salem Avenue from 1997 to 2004.

The recommended new road would extend north from Salem Avenue toward Interstate 81, cross railroad tracks on a bridge and continue to Haven Road.

In a memo, Tissue estimated the cost at $4.9 million.

Of that, the city would spend about $1 million on a bridge over the railroad tracks. The city and a developer together would pay about $1 million for a roadway from the railroad tracks to Marshall Street.


The remaining two sections of the road would cost about $2.9 million and would be funded by developers.

Only one company bids on cell contract

HAGERSTOWN - The city of Hagerstown got only one response when it asked companies to bid on providing cell phone service, Scott Nicewarner, the city's information technology manager, said Tuesday.

The company was Cellular One, the city's current provider, Nicewarner told the Hagerstown City Council. Seven companies were contacted.

In a memo, Nicewarner wrote that city employees have had significant service problems because of "the decreasing number of cellular transmitter installation. This is due to the changing of technology to a digital (DSM) cellular system."

He wrote that the city would pay the same under a new agreement with Cellular One, but get better signal service. He didn't give the price.

Councilwoman Kelly S. Cromer was surprised other companies didn't bid. "They weren't interested in business - making money," she said.

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