W.Va. woman gains Focus with prize

July 19, 2006|by ALICIA NOTARIANNI

Robin Bremer's husband, Larry, was laid off from work in December. Her employer has been short-staffed, so she has been working 16-hour days, seven days a week, as a home-care nurse. She has been averaging three or four hours of sleep a night.

She could have used some good luck, but she wasn't holding her breath.

In fact, when Bremer, 40, of Inwood, W.Va., learned Saturday that she won a 2006 Ford Focus, she was too sleep-deprived to react.

Bremer said she received a mailing about a promotional event at Hagerstown Ford. Her children attend a summer camp in Hagerstown. While she was not in the market for a car, she and her husband decided to drop in on the dealership event July 12 as they passed through town.

"My husband is a huge Saleen and Mustang fan. So I just said, 'Let's go see how the Mustangs are doing,'" Bremer said.


A salesman at Hagerstown Ford encouraged Bremer to register for the drawing. Prizes included hats, complimentary oil changes, flat-screen televisions and a 2006 Ford Focus.

"We were just daydreaming, poking around," Bremer said. "I put my name in and laughed. I didn't think about it."

On Saturday at 3 p.m., Hagerstown Mayor Robert E. Bruchey II, who works as a salesman at Hagerstown Ford, drew a yellow registration card from a drum containing more than 500 entries. The name on the card was Robin Bremer. Chuck Atkinson, general sales manager at Hagerstown Ford, called Bremer's home.

Robin Bremer, as usual, was working. Her husband was outside mowing the grass. Her 14-year-old daughter, Crystal, answered the phone. When she heard her mother had won a car, she responded, "Yeah, right."

Nonetheless, she passed on her mother's cell phone number. Robin Bremer's reaction was not much more enthusiastic.

"I said, 'Claim a car? What's this all about?' Then I realized, 'Oh, the Hagerstown Ford thing,'" Bremer said. "I really didn't have a reaction, I was so sleep-deprived. I'm a lot more excited now."

"I'm trying to talk her into trading up for a Mustang," Larry Bremer teased.

Bremer said she needs money more now than she needs the car, so she is considering selling it.

"I'm hoping the next step up will be Publishers Clearing House," Bremer said. "My daughter keeps saying, 'Maybe we're on a roll, Mom!'"

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