Marriage licenses

July 18, 2006

Marriage licenses for June 2006:

Jason Richard Roschli, 22, and Jessica Lynn Paul, 19, both of Hagerstown.

James Anthony Esposito Jr., 35, and Jennifer Catherine Gomez, 27, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Jerome Francis Jochum, 42, of Hancock, and Ann Marie Murray, 40, of Hagerstown.

Victor George Del Duca, 29, and Maria Theresa Guy, 27, both of Walkersville, Md.

Patrick John Conroy, 27, and Lucy Marie Caple, 24, both of Hagerstown.

Victor Shannon Hurd Jr., 22, of Hagerstown, and Lacey Renee Benner, 20, of Smithsburg.

Anthony Lynn Smith, 24, of Hagerstown, and Heather Renee Norris, 27, of Greencastle, Pa.

John Edward Frost, 45, and Sandra Mae Hawbaker, 47, both of Williamsport.

Bryan Eugene Bentz, 48, and Dawn Judith Page, 52, both of Brunswick, Md.


Ronald Eugene Shatzer, 52, and Rose Marie Lloyd, 48, both of Hagerstown.

Harold Wayne Parker Jr. 30, and Christina Rozella Dignan, 26, both of Hagerstown.

David Allen Stouffer Jr., 25, and Megan Brooke Wolfensberger, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Russell Eugene Sylvester, 50, of Hagerstown, and Wanda Jo Daymude, 43, of Falling Waters, W.Va.

Tony Eugene Albright, 32, and Amy Nicole Wenerd, 25, both of Chambersburg, Pa.

Justin Charles Eston Mundey, 23, and Brianne Lynn Kershner, 24, both of Williamsport.

Preston Leroy Semler Jr., 23, and Terra Leann Renner, 23, both of Hagerstown.

Richard Charles Bryson, 21, and Natalie Renee Thompson, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Joshua Samuel Whitmore, 31, and Linda Theresa Fasulo, 26, both of Rohrersville, Md.

Ronald Carroll Moser Jr., 34, and Holly Lynn Gendreau, 29, both of Hagerstown.

Benjamin Wayne Yerka, 21, and Kelly Nicole Mayall, 20, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Holmes Isaac Stoner III, 34, of Middletown, Md., and Donna Lynn Gilbert, 39, of Shenandoah Junction, W.Va.

Mark Allen Duvall Jr., 23, and Rebekah Ann Fraker, 22, both of Williamsport.

Lorenzo Flores, 28, of Hagers-town, and Tamela Elaine Bierer, 48, of Charles Town, W.Va.

Alvin Francis Xavier Dunham II, 45, of Walkersville, Md., and Angela Sue Robinson, 39, of Hagerstown.

John Wayne Poffenberger, 21, and Cassandra Lynn Bingaman, 21, both of Hancock.

Bradley David Berchock, 35, and Stephanie Carress Burcker, 30, both of Williamsport.

Keith Christopher Horn, 29, and Alison Lindsey Pracna, 30, both of Hagerstown.

John Franco Nicoletti, 51, and Iuliana Palii, 31, both of Hagers-town.

Dennis Edward Brown, 30, and Cheryl Lynn Dennison, 25, both of Summit Point, W.Va.

Nazim Aydinovich Akhmedov, 33, and Elmira Lachinovna Kushaliyeva, 27, both of Hagerstown.

Robert Earl Mitchell Jr., 42, and Luann Jane Sprankle, 49, both of Hagerstown.

Ronald Leroy Amos Kennedy Jr., 29, and Danielle Nicole Rudolph, 22, both of Greencastle, Pa.

Jason David Whitney, 19, and Katherine Leigh Etter, 19, both of Hagerstown.

James Scott Keller, 39, and Kristie Sue Zentmyer, 30, both of Waynesboro, Pa.

Thomas Russ Rudolph Sr., 61, and Frankie Anita Russ, 54, both of Hagerstown.

Gary Preston Barthelow, 26, and Alta Maria Saunders, 21, both of Clear Spring.

Andrew Charles Crider, 44, of Chambersburg, Pa., and Debra Lyn Shockey, 50, of Greencastle, Pa.

Larry Edward Smith, 36, and Regina Lee Cavender, 41, both of Hagerstown.

Terry Casey Alton Glover, 25, of Williamsport, and Nicole Ranae Sier, 20, of Smithsburg.

Donovan Lee Weber, 22, and Kimberly Fern Martin, 22, both of Hagerstown.

Douglas Michael Mann, 34, and Shelley Marie Weatherholtz, 24, both of Hagerstown.

Edward Gene Messer, 58, and Donna Jean Delucia, 56, both of Williamsport

Christopher Hunter Abbott, 26, and Rickelle Leslie Stevens, 29, both of Hagerstown.

Daniel Graham Previti, 21, and Orisis Mendoza, 18, both of Chesapeake, Va.

James Walter Sweeney, 38, and Penelope Ann Dennig, 30, both of Bethesda, Md.

Andrew Michael Baughman, 25, and Monica Lynn Raum, 24, both of Hagerstown.

Richard William Blair Jr., 30, of Hagerstown, and Amber Lynn Golden, 27, of Clear Spring.

Arthur Hart McKinley III, 43, and Ramona Marlene McCusker, 42, both of Hancock.

Grady Neil Hinchman, 24, and Alexis Lynn Rieck, 24, both of Greencastle, Pa.

David Andrew Dodson, 31, and Lori Lynn Baker, 27, both of Hagerstown.

Robert Edward Murphy, 39, and Alicia Marie Vann, 31, both of Keedysville.

Jason Robert Rohrer, 25, and Jennifer Dawn Wood, 21, both of Hagerstown.

Dwayne Anthony Curry, 38, and Rebecca Ann Hastings, 33, both of Hagerstown.

Gerald Wayne Spessard, 56, and Deborah Kay Foltz, 53, both of Hagerstown.

Raymond Lloyd Bartges Jr., 30, of Shippensburg, Pa., and Jean Louise Sirokman, 21, both of Hagerstown.

Dustin Brian Kelly, 26, and Heather Christine Coyle, 32, both of Sioux, City, Iowa.

Jeremy Raylynn Crampton, 32, and Wendy Sue Pickens, 31, both of Hagerstown.

John Turner Elliott III, 20, and Heather Megan Andrews, 18, both of Hagerstown.

Barry Michael McGowan, 54, and Teresa Gale Pennington, 51, both of Hagerstown.

Edward William Doub, 41, and Patricia Rie Boswell-Carey, 42, both of Williamsport.

Daniel Todd Leisinger, 27, and Shannon Lynn Johnson, 23, both of Hagerstown.

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