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July 17, 2006

Last week's question

Two of the candidates for Washington County Commissioner are elected officials whose terms in other offices aren't complete yet. Should they serve a full term in the office they were previously elected to before running for something else?

· No.

· No. How about asking if a candidate is qualified to run instead of this drivel?

· Yes. By the way, why does the paper no longer allow comments to be posted about articles and editorials? Did the comments hit too close to home for some of your reporters and editorial writers?

· No, it is unAmerican to limit who could run.

· Yes - especially in the case of (Hagerstown City Councilman Kristin) Aleshire. He has political ambitions beyond the county level and obviously does not care about fulfilling the four-year term city residents elected him to in 2005. He's only interested in furthering his goal for higher office by using city voters as a stepping stone - a typical politician.


· No. It`s an election year and open to who ever wants to run for the office of their choice. Maybe going to another position could be a change for the better.

· Remember Newt Gingrich, who moved his residence from west Georgia to the northern part of the state because he was unelectable in his former district. Abandoning a constituency is bailing on your duty not to mention "promises." Same with the former council members - voters didn't think you were electable to a small job - now you think they will put you in a bigger one?

· If an office unexpectedly becomes available after you've been elected to a different office, then there is no problem with running for the open office. For instance, some filed after (U.S. Sen. Paul) Sarbanes announced he was retiring recently. If, however, someone is elected with the sole purpose of ditching their responsibilities at the opportune moment, then that's inherently dishonest and I certainly wouldn't vote for that person, since I couldn't trust him or her to finish the term in the new office either.

· No! A current commissioner already has done this Why focus on this now?

· Seems to me (and I'm just an armchair follower of politics) but when a person runs for office and is elected to that office, they have entered into a contract to serve in that capacity for however many years makes a term. "Bailing" on that to climb higher in political circles, to me, is a breach of that contract and is just not right. The political arena will always be there. Build your ambitions on a solid record of commitment and caring, rather than playing hopscotch over your constituents for your own job satisfaction.

· That is like asking a student to remain in the same grade or an employee to keep the same level of employment. You might as well have asked should if all people should consider never excelling at whatever they feel best contributes to their community.

· Yes. They should either serve the full terms they were first elected to or they should resign their offices now and campaign for County Commissioner.

· No. Many candidates have run while holding other offices. We should be thankful for experienced people interested in serving the county.

· Yes, they should finish what they started, then try for another office. Too many people are trying to be full-time politicians and wind up botching up both jobs.

· It's called commitment, something our leaders are lacking. We try to teach our children when you commit to something you have to see it through to the end, but obviously politicians don't feel that same sense of dedication or obligation. If more people stuck to all commitments they made, America would be better off. It is also something our forefathers respected and counted on.

· The question as posed does not take into account the fact that municipal elections currently occur staggered from the county and state elections.

· Yes. They committed themselves to that office for the duration of their term. I think the only reason they would have to change is that they're chasing the money, not at all interested in serving the public.

· No. The money is hardly worth the grief from many of the uninformed!

· Yes, they most certainly should finish what they started because they ran, they won and as such, made a commitment to the other group. (It's like dating again before you're divorced.) I wouldn't want someone on the commission who has already demonstrated that they can't complete a project.

· I certainly won't vote for Aleshire for commissioner. Granted, he would make a good one. But we need him in the city. He is only one of two intelligent people on the council and we can't afford to lose him to the county.

This week's question

A group working on the revival of downtown Hagerstown wants to create a "destination attraction" such as a museum to draw people. What sort of museum would you visit and what would be a reasonable admission fee? To respond, go to and click on "opinion." Edited responses will appear on our Web site and on this page on Monday, July 24.

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