MCI-H names top employees

July 16, 2006

Maryland Correctional Institution-Hagerstown recently named its Employees of the Year for 2006, according to a prepared release.

· Officer Donald Corbett - His motivation has facilitated the discovery of numerous homemade weapons and contraband. He recently was selected to be a member of the Contraband Interdiction Team for the division.

· Sgt. Bryan Turner - He was given the responsibility of Tool Control Officer at MCI-H. He exceeds personal initiative by constantly accepting training offered by the division, and applying concepts of learning for self-development. He has been a member of MCI-H's Tactical Unit since 2000. He recently completed instructor training through the Maryland State Police and Correctional Training Commission to qualify as a defensive tactics instructor for the division.

· Officer Gary Lloyd - He was assigned to Washington County Hospital on Jan. 26 to maintain custody of an inmate from MCI-H. Lloyd notified the 12-8 shift commander of the shooting of Roxbury Correctional Institution Officer Jeffery Alan Wroten, and stayed in contact with him as events unfolded. The information he provided officials aided in the quick capture of the inmate charged in the shooting of Wroten.


· Officer Burgee Berry - He is assigned to the property room and processes, with a high level of proficiency, 40 to 50 court inmates, 25 to 30 segregation inmates and 30 to 40 inmate transfers every month. He is instrumental in the detection of confiscation of dangerous contraband, and played a major role in the uniform conversion process. Berry sorted clothing items, sending those items he felt could be donated to the laundry for cleaning. He then packed 80 to 100 boxes of those clean clothes and gave them to the Salvation Army for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

· Susan Sowers - She played a major role in the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort. In addition, she handles most of the fundraisers for charities within the institution, such as the Special Olympics and Maryland Charities for MCI-H. She is instrumental in the Holiday Planning Committee that plans activities for the inmates.

· Officer Charles Jenkins - He has been committed to gathering intelligence. His diligent efforts and search techniques detect and suppress the trafficking of contraband into MCI. Jenkins is a member of MCI-H's Tactical Unit, and recently was selected to be a member of the Contraband Interdiction Team for the division.

· Kim Myers and Dawn Burkett - They volunteered to evaluate new hires when the Division of Correction Central Hiring Unit lost its psychologist. Their team efforts enabled the hiring process to continue, allowing correctional officer vacancies to be filled. In addition, they have been instrumental in working with the Crisis Management Team.

· Capt. Richard Scott - His 28-plus years of loyal service and leadership have provided MCI-H with a positive growth in modern corrections. Scott took the lead when it came time to place MCI-H's inmates into state-issued uniforms. This project was well-organized.

· Sgt. Cheryl Williams - She was conducting a random frisk search of an inmate on Nov. 21, 2005, when the inmate grabbed Williams' hand and began swinging his body violently. The inmate eventually swung free from Williams, pulled the weapon from his waistband and threw it, but Williams never lost sight of the weapon.

· Officer Judith Stone - She played a major role in the uniform conversion process, which was very well-organized. She handled the initial inventory count and distribution to the inmates.

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