Letters to the editor

July 15, 2006

Mexico trying to reclaim territory

To the editor:

We have been invaded by a hostile country. Mexican politicians are openly bragging that 11 million illegal immigrants (some put the figure as high as 20 million) are being instructed on how to obtain citizenship so that they can "recover the lands, peacefully, that the Americans took from them by force."

What has President Bush done about this invasion? Talked a lot, as usual. Now President Bush does have charisma and a glib tongue, but his rhetoric is the political equivalent of selling the Brooklyn Bridge. As always in his speeches, the president promises but acts only when it benefits big corporations and the wealthy, who are seeking cheap help with no medical benefits. You and I as taxpayers are holding the bag on that.

Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, if he represents his constituents, will sponsor a bill of impeachment of the president of the United States for failure to his sworn duty to uphold the Constitution, which requires protecting the country from its enemies.


The Mexicans admit they are our enemy. Unfortunately, five years has shown us that Bartlett is just a rubber stamp for George Bush's proposals.

Fellow citizens, are you aware that the president of a foreign power is coming to our country to make a series of speeches to illegal immigrants telling them how they can become citizens in order to take over our Southwestern States? He has already posted an itinerary on television. Do you know that President Bush is a co-conspirator who has publicly backed President Fox of Mexico.

I am outraged and it should be so for every citizen of this country. If Congress passes any kind of law permitting fast-track citizenship for illegal immigrants when then are traitors to their country. I do not recommend mass deportation, but Congress should pass a law prohibiting citizenship for illegal aliens. Anything less than that is helping a foreign nation undermine our country and that is treason.

The attorney general is failing to uphold the immigration laws and that is also grounds for impeachment.

I am an infantry veteran of World War II. I fought for my country as did millions of others in that and other wars (but not George W. Bush). Did we fight in vain? What are the veterans organizations doing about this fiasco? In war, and this is a form of war, there are no Republicans or Democrats - only patriots and quislings. How will Rep. Bartlett vote?

Let's take America back - we sure are losing it.

William F. Jones

Poverty and children

To the editor:

In response to comments and questions from Ruth M. Davis in her letter of July 5:

Poverty isn't due to teens or babies, but to factors that teens and babies have no control over. Poverty is mainly due to invalid mindsets in those who control the economic structure as a whole. As long as any of us continue to believe that one person is inferior to another due to the type of work they do, we will continue to have poverty. The CEO of any large corporation is dependent every day on the people who make his shirt, pants, and shoes so he won't have to go to work naked. All the people in the process are essential for him to do his job. Essential means that none is less valuable. This is not socialism; it is reality. Who made your shirt? Free enterprise provides the best avenue for economic justice, as business owners can structure their businesses to model it.

Having been a child-care teacher for a long time, I can tell you that child-care teachers see that many businesses are family unfriendly, demanding parents work long hours. Often children see child-care teachers more than they see their parents. Parents under job pressures risk driving with their children on dangerous icy roads to care-providers so they will not miss work. Often parents need to call home to say good night to their babies.

Business does not have to be this way. Heaven forbid that we become a nation where profit maximization is the highest goal for any business regardless of its impact on parents and children.

All pregnancies need health care benefits and will result in decreased business productivity for parents. The role of parent and homemaker, greatly undervalued in current society, is still one to revere. Parents and homemakers are involved in far more important work than just minding the kitchen.

In the foster care system, we cannot assume that children in foster care are unwanted. Ask couples waiting to adopt American children how long the waiting list is. Many foster parents are Christians with family values, and many Christians are adopting foster children. Social service systems exist to help such areas, and more social service employees will be without jobs if the role of these agencies needs to diminish.

Many parents in my generation will tell you that if they waited until they thought they could afford children, they would never have become parents.

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